Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Real Star Jason J-Mac

THE PRESIDENT: First of all, it's great to be here in upstate New York. As you can see, a special person has greeted me at the airport.

Jason, mind if I call you J-Mac?

JASON McELWAIN: Yeah. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: I'll call him J-Mac. You can call me George W. (Laughter.)

Q(question): Mr. President, how did you hear about the story and what's your reaction?
THE PRESIDENT: Saw it on TV. Saw it on TV and I wept, just like a lot of other people. It's just one of those stories that touched a lot of people's hearts. Full Transcript

Well, I cried too and love this story!!

Feb. 24: Jason McElwain, a 17-year-old senior at Greece-Athena High School near Rochester, N.Y. , is autistic and usually sits on his basketball team’s bench. But he scored 20 points in four minutes in his team's home finale. Full Story and Video

Excerpts from the article:
McElwain, who is autistic, was back in his role as an all-around motivator on the eve of a sectional semifinal game Tuesday night — handing out water bottles, dispensing tips, helping run drills. Two weeks earlier, he suited up for a game and delivered a jaw-dropping performance.

His play drew national attention, and a flood of calls from Hollywood. His parents have received inquiries from about 25 production companies ranging from The Walt Disney Co. and Warner Bros. to independent documentary filmmakers.

“I don’t know what I’m walking into,” McElwain said.

In his team’s final home game of the season, McElwain entered with four minutes to go. It was his first and only appearance for the Athena varsity team in this Rochester suburb. The 5-foot-6 manager hit six 3-point shots and a 2-pointer and was carried off the court on his teammates’ shoulders.

It is so wonderful and touching to hear about stories like this, way to go Jason!!! He is what you call a REAL STAR!!!!

UPDATE: 3/19/06 Rebecca post on J-Mac click here - J-Mac Our Inspiration

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