Monday, March 20, 2006

Hinson another reminder of Recidivism

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As we watched our televisions this week, here we are in total shock again. Another story of horror, there is another convicted sex offender in front of our eyes, let out early to feed his addiction. How outrageous for Kenneth Hinson in S.C. to be free to roam around then kidnap/abduct and rape young girls from their OWN HOMES AND BED asleep. Can you imagine sleeping in your own bed feeling safe? I guess we should remember about Elizabeth Smart safe in her home and bed.

In 1991, Kenneth Hinson was convicted for raping a 12 yr old girl sentenced to prison. Since his ‘unheard of’ early release in 2000, police now wonder if there may be other victims. Hinson built a dungeon/torture chamber underground and had full intent to kill these young girls. Police found where Hinson had concealed the trap door by placing bags of cement and a workbench on top, where it would have been virulently impossible to be detectable. All the air vents/ducks to this dungeon/torture chamber were intentionally sealed. The police say it is amazing they survived.

Fox reports a neighbors statement "I slept good last night," said Argeree Cooks, who lives with her four grandchildren just down the street from Hinson's property. She said she had been sleeping with a hammer and a gun within reach all week.

Missing Exploited A Must Read!! Kenneth Hinson Arrested AGAIN On Rape Charges in S.C.
Additional Info from the Hartsville Messenger

After a four-day manhunt, Hinson with a loaded handgun, was finally arrested two miles away from his home. It is a good thing that he did not have an escape plan otherwise the officials may still be searching for him. Hinson planned to commit these crimes without being caught, and never expected the girls to escape alive.

This is another reason why The Child Safety Act should be passed quickly in the U.S. Senate May 2006. First of all, this monster should have never been released, but if Jessica’s Law was in South Carolina this could have been avoided.
Jessica’s Law - Detailed
Map of Jessica’s Law State by State
South Carolina is headed in the right direction but it is time for them to pass Jessica’s Law.

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