Sunday, March 19, 2006

Billboards Scream Shame

Sex Offender Billboard Posted by Picasa

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In Mississippi billboards picturing sex offenders are being erected but not without debate and the ACLU trying to stop it.
Excerpts below:

"Nsombi Lambright, who heads the American Civil Liberties Union in Mississippi, has called the move a waste of taxpayer funds. She has questioned the logic of using convicts who are serving sentences and whose information goes public on the sex offender registry list."

About 100 billboards are going up statewide. That includes three large billboards in Jackson, Gulfport and Hattiesburg, and smaller ones in the Jackson area and elsewhere around the state.

Signs that scream shame
The billboard is emblazoned with screaming red letters: "Convicted! Sex crimes against children!" Full Story

The signs use photographs of sex offenders currently serving time.And so far, the public, at least in Mississippi, seems to be behind the department - sometimes with a have-no-mercy attitude.

The ACLU is upset by Mississippi Department of Human Resources posting 100 billboards with warnings of sex predators, it seems columnist James Allan Fox at the Boston Herald is not so please either. Over-Reactive-Full Story

Support: Stop The ACLU

Update: 3/20/06: STOP THE ACLU linked to this post. Thanks guys.....Everyone needs to join in and STOP THE ACLU. Please check out their blog and post.


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