Monday, October 10, 2005

Protecting America’s Children - Easy Steps

Please take a couple minutes of your time for these 4 simple steps to help our children in our country. click here to My Sunday’s Post- Protecting America’s Children OR

1) If you click on the link in my POST or BELOW
2)Then PRESS your State on the MAP
3)A pre-written letter to that State's Governor is there -
4)All you have to do is type in your Name, City, State and Email address!

Very simple Thanks to ALL that makes these simple little steps....It only takes a moment!!
Or go straight to this link -
click here to the OFFICIAL Protecting America’s Children web site

I feel everyone needs to act NOW on this if you have children or not, PLEASE help make a difference.

UPDATE: 10/11/05 - Oprah’s Predator Watch list click here to Oprah’s Message
Oprah is offering a $100,000 of her own money!

"I plan to work with law enforcement officials, and if they tell me that one of you turned in one of these fugitives that we are exposing today, and that information leads to the capture and arrest of one of these men, I will personally give a $100,000 cash reward." – Oprah

Thank you JILL, MIKE, MADMAN, BORNFOOL and OTHERS for making a difference!!!
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