Thursday, October 13, 2005

Introduction to Colleen

Hey friends, if you want to check out a very cool blog and a devoted friend I invite you to visit “Life on the Border (of insanity)”. This is her latest post click here to go to Colleen
She has a quiz that answers many things about the beautiful person Colleen is. I encourage everyone to check her out YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Her profile reads as follows:

My name is Colleen. I'm an artist that wants to study to be a psychiatrist /
neurologist. I enjoy reading, spending time with my 5 cats, designing websites,
studying psychology, drawing, painting, singing and listening to music, writing
poetry and songs, and going for walks outside in the autumn. I consider myself
to be somewhat unique, with a great and sometimes ridiculous sense of humor. My
main downfall is that I suffer from borderline personality disorder and chronic
depression. I'm also a bit on the shy side. Otherwise, I'd have to say I'm a
fun-loving, caring, animal loving, deep person.

If you wish to link to her blog address click here to go to straight to Colleen
Plus she has music links that include Led Zepplin…awesome! Thanks Colleen for being my friend, I am honored!
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