Friday, November 23, 2007

Video: Nick Saban Compares Game Loss to Disasters

Alabama Coach Nick Saban Compares 9/11 and Pearl Harbor to Loss of Game

Out of all the outrageous statements made by Nick Saban, now Alabama football coach, in the past, this latest tirade is definitely over the top and he should have been suspended on the spot. After a couple of days of planning a speech for a presser, it was not off the cuff or a slip of the tongue type of screw-up, he deliberating made the comparison of losing (a football game) with the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Pearl Harbor. Still no apology, only a statement sent out by a spokesman, Jeff Purinton trying to explain what was meant by it. The video below:

I am sure our veterans and soldiers would disagree with Saban's analogies. Not only did he tick off Alabama fans, the players, but he managed to create a firestorm throughout the country angering everyone that heard it. The media went negative on him and rightfully so. This is not the first time either, that this self-absorbed, egotistical nut sounded off with something stupid.

It was nothing more than a football game, for heaven's sakes. No Comparison, Saban. Get over it and your self.

Last Saturday, Alabama's embarrassing loss at home to Louisiana-Monroe ended with a final score of 21-14 to a booing stunned crowd on Senior Day. The fans and players not only upset about five losses (6-5) so far this season, but now they have to live with this nut coach voicing out absurdities. I'm sure the win was sweet though for the Warhawks of ULM, that has not won 6 games in a season since 1993.

ULM's coach, Charlie Weatherbie's salary is just $130,000 while over paid Saban is making 4 million annually on a newly signed eight year contract. It makes you wonder if Alabama was so desperate for a winning coach that they jumped the gun with hiring a mediocre maniac instead.

What would persuade Saban to say such things? Perhaps it speaks volumes as to what may be going on in his head and it gives you an insight to the narcissism of Nick Saban and his insensitivity. He is a little man with a huge chip on his shoulder that is overpaid and over rated. Two states, Florida and Louisiana are thankful he is gone.

Saban is a person that blames everyone else and is full of himself; he needs a reality check. It makes you wonder if he will be referred to, in the future, as his new name, St. Nick or as Miami labeled him as Nick Satan. One thing is for sure, Saban is the most disliked man in the world of football.

Tomorrow is the Iron Bowl, the biggest rivalry of the year in Alabama with the Crimson Tide going to Auburn to face the Tigers. Auburn has won the last five match ups and hoping that we can hold up two hands making it six this year. By the way, Tommy Tuberville is a class act. If Alabama loses, you may see another hissy fit from Saban, pointing his finger with anger making more outragous statements. If Alabama is smart they will get rid of this ticking bomb, he is an embarrassment to the whole state.

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