Thursday, November 29, 2007

Venezuelans Saying NO to More Power to Chavez

Our two favorite reporters, Adam Housley and Steve Harrigan from Fox News are traveling to Venezuela to cover the upcoming election. President Hugo Chavez meanwhile has been threatening his people and rallying his supporters for the big day, Dec. 2nd vote that will be held this Sunday. Chavez is determined to become a dictator like his other buddies...Castro for one.

Thousands upon Thousands turned out today demonstrating in the streets saying NO to expanding power to Chavez. The referendum would eliminate presidential term limits and help Chavez in establishing a socialist state.
An excerpt from the NYT - Even some of Mr. Chávez’s most fervent supporters are beginning to show signs of hesitation at backing the constitutional changes he is promoting, which would end term limits for the president and greatly centralize his authority.
Tomorrow will be a big day in Caracas. Rallies and protests are planned throughout the country. For continuing updates check out Daniel at Venezuela News and Views.
*Updated* Gateway Pundit has more.
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