Thursday, November 01, 2007

Senate Voted on SCHIP, President Vows to Veto

The Democrat majority in the Senate voted this evening on the SCHIP and hopefully President Bush will swiftly veto this as soon as possible.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate approved legislation on Thursday expanding a popular children's health-care program, setting the stage for a fresh showdown with President George W. Bush, who vowed to veto the bill that would also raise tobacco taxes.

The Senate voted 64-30 for the bill that aims to provide health insurance to about 10 million children in low-income families unable to afford private insurance but who earn too much for the federal Medicaid program for the poor.

The bill would raise taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products to help pay for the program. The bill goes to Bush who said he would veto it.

The White House said the Senate had passed another children's health bill with major flaws, despite the veto threat.
Last week the House voted 265-142, but it was short the 2/3 majority needed to override the last veto. They are determined to continue to waste time on a bad bill without working with the Republicans and the White House on a compromise for a sensible expansion.

Guess the liberals on Capital Hill ignored President Bush's speech today. After voting on SCHIP, 28 Democrats and 1 Independent fired off a letter to the President on Iran.

The letter stressed no congressional authority exists for action against Iran -- and said the resolution the Senate passed in September, urging Bush to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist group, should not be seen as a predicate for a military strike.
This bunch, the Libs in Congress are dangerous to our country.

*UPDATED* Libs voice their rhetoric after the vote. Dingy Harry wanted to delay the vote to drum up more support, but it drew objections from the GOP.
*UPDATED* More on the Senate vote at CNN.

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