Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nazareth Has been Hit and Hard

This breaks my heart.....

Via jpost: Katyushas kill 3 in Nazareth, 2 of them children
Confirmed now, third person has died at the hospital and approx 18 wounded.

Israel kill those evil bastard terrorists and blast them into hell.

Via Breitbart:
A Hezbollah rocket slammed into a building Wednesday in the mainly Arab town of Nazareth, killing two children and wounding at least two other people, Israeli authorities said.

Smoke billowed from the damaged building and its roof appeared to be mostly destroyed, television video showed. Residents ran to the building and helped firefighters.

The two children were killed by a direct hit from a Katyusha rocket on the building, the army said.

Nazareth, in northern Israel, is revered as the hometown of Jesus and is filled with churches. It was not immediately clear if any holy sites were damaged.

The town is about 19 miles from the Lebanese border.

Previous attacks during the recent rocket barrage have hit the nearby Jewish town of Upper Nazareth, but the wave fired Wednesday was the first to hit a holy city.

Via CNSNEWS : Hizballah Attacks Holy City of Nazareth
Jerusalem ( ) - Two children from Nazareth -- the Biblical city where Jesus grew up -- were killed when a Hizballah rocket slammed into their home on Wednesday. Nazareth, about 20 miles south of the Lebanese border, is an Israeli Arab town. Roughly half of the Arabs are Christian. [read more]

Via Haaretz: Two soldiers killed in clash with Hezbollah inside Lebanese territory

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