Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Homeland Security Rounding up More Illegals

How about "Transport to Jail"? Feds sweep up 2,100 Illegals since May!!

Federal authorities track down immigrants from 30 countries living illegally in the state
Ohio sweep nets 154 via The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio

Homeland Security agents took to Ohio streets the past week, arresting 154 undocumented immigrants. (you mean ILLEGALS?-my comment)

The agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Detroit came heavily armed and loaded with files and warrants for deportation.
They took in immigrants from 30 countries and every continent save Antarctica. Among those arrested, 82 were from Mexico, followed by 19 from El Salvador and seven from Mauritania.

The men and women had been caught entering the country illegally and were ordered to court but never showed or had been ordered deported but never left, authorities said. Twenty had been charged with crimes. One was a reputed member of the Mexican street gang MS13.
No recent event spurred the sweep, government officials said.

"Sept. 11 showed us that, to have security, we have to have an immigration system with integrity," said Marc A. Raimondi, national spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Most of the Sept. 11 terrorists had taken advantage of lax enforcement, he said.
"You can’t have integrity if there is no consequence for abusing the laws or ignoring a court order."[read more]

Via KTUL TV8: Reported on 7-12-06 Dozens Of Illegals Targeted (sounds bias to me-my words) In 'Operation Return To Sender'
Tulsa - A federal task force swept through Tulsa Wednesday, netting dozens of illegal immigrants. Dubbed 'Operation Return To Sender', it's being run by the Department of Homeland Security. NewsChannel 8's Burt Mummolo reports on the undercover roundup.

Officially, this story wasn't supposed to be released until Friday. But, early this morning, NewsChannel 8 learned that federal authorities were scattered throughout Tulsa conducting numerous raids against illegals with federal warrants.

Sounds like a leak to me!!

Via MSNBC: Newsweek - Return to Sender
While the pols debate ways to keep illegal immigrants out, the Feds are cracking down on those already in-country.
July 24, 2006 issue - Mark Pilat took a deep breath, braced himself and knocked on the door. A deportation officer with the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency—that's "ICE" in Fed lingo—Pilat and his team converged on a sprawling trailer park outside Columbus, Ohio, last week.

Feds arrest 2,100 in illegals sweep Operation Return to Sender sends agents across country to target violent criminals- Via World Net Daily
An excerpt: She concluded that, based on a figure of 12 million illegal immigrants and the fact that more of this population is male than average, sex offenders among illegals make up a higher percentage than offenders in the general population.

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