Monday, July 17, 2006

Moment to Moment Breaking News Israel Fights Back

Escalating By the Moment - Israel, please knock out their television stations especially Hezbollah's propaganda recruiting footage. Picture: Israeli Soldier

New Attacks in Haifa, Israel
Israel, Lebanon Continue Air Strikes
Via Fox News: Israeli Troops Move Across Border Into Lebanon
BREAKING NEWS: Lebanese TV Reports Israeli Warplane Shot Down Near Beirut
Via Breitbart: Israel Briefly Sends Troops into Lebanon

Via Haaretz: ANALYSIS: Israel-Hezbollah fighting yet to reach its zenith
The fighting between Israel and the Hezbollah, which is backed by Syria and Iran, has still not reached its zenith. The Israel Defense Forces' operational plans against the Shi'ite organizations have not yet been carried out. The next two days are the most critical and a lot depends on whether Tehran decides to take a chance and authorize Hezbollah to launch long-range missiles with more powerful warheads. This is a capability Hezbollah still retains, despite the heavy blows it has suffered in the IDF air strikes.[read more]

Extremely sad news: Israeli Soldier killed...A mob of Palestains cheered after a deadly attack killing Israeli Soldier - Sgt. Osher Damari 20 yrs old.....His body was dismembered. God be with him and his family. He was on a routine patrol at the time.

Interesting development ARAB League: These Attacks are "Inappropriate and Irresponsible"


Via AP: Israel hammers at Lebanese infrastructure

Exclusive: Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora on the phone with Fox News, but he got mad and hung up.
Drudge Report Flash: Israeli police detain Al Jazeera Jerusalem bureau chief for second time in two days - Now 3rd time -Also Via Haaretz: Police detain Al Jazeera crew members for third time

Jerusalem: Police Foil TERROR ATTACK via Ynetnews.
Police find device in young Palestinian's bag, detain him. Earlier, IDF commander says, 'according to intelligence in our hands, there are many attempts by terror organizations in West Bank to open up an additional front'
A great disaster was avoided Monday in Jerusalem, when an explosive device was found in the bag of a 25-year-old Palestinian at the city's Tzahal Square.
Police officers operating a metal detector noticed a Palestinian walking toward them, carrying a bag. They demanded that he undergo a security check, and then he told them he was carrying an explosive device. [read more] Also Via jpost: Palestinian caught with bomb in J'lem

After Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah made his appearance on TV, how long is it going to be to we hear from UBL again with a new threatening video? Iran does not mind spewing his hate and endorsing Islam....will there be a battle of who is in charge of terrorism?
If this is YOU..Iranian Pres..Your day will come!! 85.185.58.# (Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI))Tehran
Via Iran plans to dominate the Middle East


Breaking News: Report: Israel Talking Ceasefire If Hezbollah Pulls Back, Frees Troops via Fox News
Via Breitbart: Israel Sets Conditions for Cease-Fire

LIVE NEWS COVERAGE: 12 Noon - Israeli PM Olmert Address Knesset

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