Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Killer of Two of our U.S. Soldiers Fatally Wounded

Via Fox News: Suspect in Slaying of U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A Jordanian who killed two U.S. soldiers last month was fatally wounded in a clash with security forces, a senior Iraqi official said Tuesday.
Diyar Ismail Mahmoud, known as Abu al-Afghani, was identified as the killer of the two soldiers, National Security Adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie told reporters. The two soldiers' mutilated bodies were found after they were captured in a clash near Youssifiyah, southwest of Baghdad.
A third American was killed in the clash.

Al-Rubaie did not say when Mahmoud was wounded or died.

The bodies of two soldiers from the 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division were found on June 19 not far from a checkpoint on the Euphrates river south of Baghdad where they were abducted.

The discovery of Pfc. Kristian Menchaca of Houston and Pfc. Thomas Tucker of Madras, Ore. — both of whom were badly mutilated and at least one beheaded — came after exhaustive searches with thousands of soldiers fanning out in an area south of Baghdad known as the "Triangle of Death" because of frequent attacks.

A third soldier, David J. Babineau, 25, of Springfield, Mass., was found dead at the checkpoint where the soldiers were killed two days before. [read more]

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