Monday, February 13, 2006

Cool in South Florida

I know many of you are being blasted with cold weather and snow in some places, and I will not receive any sympathy here in south Florida by my post. (LOL) We have had the A/C on all winter and Saturday it was in the 80’s. Well the temperature dipped over night….burrrrr, I think we have turned the heater on twice maybe to take the chill out and then immediately turned it off. Well I was joking with ABFreedom about me putting on some sweat pants and the heater was not going to be turned on b/c to me I am hot blooded. I changed my mind this morning and lo and behold, the heater is blowing out cold air. Not sure to call someone, put on more clothing and wait it out for a few days. (smiling) As I sit here though, it keeps getting chillier by the moment. I may have to crawl back in bed!!!

I feel for all of you that have to endure these brutal winter storms not to mention the cold temperatures, bone chilling winds, and knee-deep snow. All my friends are welcome if you wish to come down but right now, it is not beach weather I assure you, but I do see snow-birds in this type weather wear shorts and swim in the ocean. (shaking my head) I heard that a record was made in January to be the warmest ever on record in our country, so I guess many of you were able to enjoy that. I am thankful we do not have the heating cost here, that truly saves on our power bill.

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