Thursday, February 09, 2006

Living in Florida Winter-Time

Hi Friends,
One thing about living in South Florida in the wintertime you have friends and relatives that love to pop in. However, in my case for ones I know from out of town it is little difficult to say “I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would stop by” and usually you have a before warning prior to visits that will extend over night and/or for a few days. At noon yesterday after classes, my daughter told me that we had a visitor one hour away. Wow!! Somehow, I have been out of touch or it slipped the minds of my grown children to tell me ahead time. I love having company but it is nice to be prepared for guests that plan on staying for awhile. The way yesterday was going I wanted to suggest a
nicer place to stay.

Moments later, Dell tech support called and said he was a mile away and wanted to know if it was all right to come now to repair my computer. It turned out Dell had sent the wrong part, which followed with another 2 hours on the phone. Needless to say, this ongoing problem started January 26 and so far, I have invested close to 16 hours over a span of a few days, within this period, on the phone with both customer service and technical support. Yesterday a nice supervisor asks me how the weather in Florida is, and she said if I ever leave India that is where I wish to come to. I was holding my breath since she had my address that wasn’t a hint for a place to stay. (LOL) I normally have an open door for ones and try my best to make everyone feel welcome, but lately not in the mood for visitors. She was extremely considerate and hopefully my new part will arrive overnight or within a week and I will have to call tech support again to set another meeting with one of their local technicians. Sounds fun huh? Perhaps I should have a direct line installed for Dell these days. (smiling)

Well it looks like we may go to King Tut’s Treasures in Fort Lauderdale tonight or tomorrow, we had planned to go a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I was sick that day and we cancelled. Other than the beach, the pool and plenty of sunshine, I am sure all will find many things to be entertained with. Wishing everyone a great day!! (smiling)

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