Saturday, April 22, 2006

Iraqi Bloggers Free to Express

Iraqi Bloggers Weigh in on Changing Nation
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Zeyad is a 27-year-old dentist. He works for a government clinic with broken dental chairs and no anesthetics. At home, when gunfire rattles his neighborhood, Zeyad's family cowers in one room murmuring prayers while he types away on his computer.

Zeyad is a blogger.

Unheard of in Saddam Hussein' s Iraq, blogging is providing ordinary Iraqis with a voice — a chance to vent and reflect on the changes reshaping their country.

After their first democratic election in decades, the following except below:
"My mother was in tears watching the scenes from all over the country," he added. "Iraqis had voted for peace and for a better future, despite the surrounding madness. I sincerely hope this small step would be the start of much bolder ones."

From other Iraqi bloggers (excerpts below)
"The blood and sacrifices by the American soldiers and people will never be forgotten," The Mesopotamian wrote. "It was right, it was just and it was ordained by God that a murderer and tyrant should be overthrown." Full Story

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