Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tracking Your Children with GPS

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Up until now, parents had to deal with a separate company or buy special equipment to track their children through their cell phones. Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) becomes the first U.S. wireless provider to sell its own product when the Family Locator Service rolls out Thursday.

Using the Global Positioning System, the service allows parents to track up to four cell phones over the Internet or on their own wireless device. Parents can periodically ask the service to find the child's phone, displaying the location on a road map.
Parents can also set alerts, automatically warning the parent if the child isn't at a certain place, such as school or soccer practice, at a specific time. Fox News-Full Story
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This is wonderful for your children and Disney is coming out with a new device soon too.
Not intended for jealous, insecure, over-dominating adults i.e. mates and spouses. (smiling) GPS tracking systems!!! (lol)

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