Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cashman and Connors Make Me Wonder

Humm...... Makes you Wonder About Lenient Judges Soft on Sex Offenders
I am beginning to wonder if law enforcement might need to consider investigating a few of these judges that allow sex predators to walk free. Immediately, I think of Vermont's Disgusting Judge Cashman and now Ohio's Drunk Convicted Judge John Connors. Wonder what police may find on these judge's personal computers or perhaps uncover... if they have nasty little secrets?
Judge Cashman called Judge Connor and told him "Hang in there"
Well, Cashman knows what he is talking about. Even with all the pressure on Vermont, the legislature failed to pass mandatory minimums for child sexual predators. The effort was blocked by DEMOCRATS, and Republican Gov. Jim Douglas refused to get involved.
Liberals are hanging in there in Columbus too!!
Can you believe that Judge Connors was "Irishman of the Year" in the St. Patrick's Day parade? Yes, it is true. Neighbors of Selva and others protested at the parade, unfortunately the majority of citizens in Columbus, Ohio are supporting Judge Connors and his decision to allow Selva a convicted sex predator to have probation with home arrest. Judge Connors has 16 sex offenders on probation currently. What is wrong with this picture? Do you feel perhaps a few of these judges need to be investigated? I do, absolutely. Something stinks about these plea deals.

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