Thursday, June 30, 2005

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Audio Tape Released Of John Couey’s Confession

I want to thrown up!!! Is anyone watching the news? How can a monster like this live and breathe on this planet? Please watch your children every single second; never let them out of your sight even in your own yard. Do your homework, check your local registry for sex offenders and predator, write your congressmen, do whatever it takes to protect our children. You can’t repeat enough to the children about bad people and what to do if a stranger approaches them. Remind them daily, EVERY SINGLE DAY and let them feel that they can tell you anything. We have to stay on top of this and make these sick bastards live in one place where they can be monitored. IN PRISON for LIFE or FRIED.

My Beautiful Daughter

Maelena is amazing and awesomely beautiful inside and out!! She is single, young, 5’10, the perfect body and full of life. The model agencies call her often, but we no longer respond. Due to finding out the hard way, they want you to pay for services at their school with no guarantee of future projects of a promising career. (not emphasizing that of course until you sign up) All of this is bullshit!! They should pay her for the time spent listening to their crap or beg to represent her for free. Thank goodness we learned quick by this sucker deal.

At the end of your ordeal lasting hours, two interviewers go out of the room and come back in like they have made a life or death decision, with a huge smile “YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED” said with such drama and thrilled to say the least written all over their faces. Duh!! She was the most beautiful girl there!! Like you are the only one out of the 200 people they called in for their monthly quota to keep the school in business. A whole afternoon wasted, walking the cat walk, filing out paperwork, etc. then listening how they have discovered a few familiar household named Models, how selective they are, the tons of locations they have worldwide, and they state “do not take it personally if you are not selected”. I have to laugh, they selected everyone in secret in different closed door offices. No one came out crying, all had smiles.

They have you hostage for hours. What a high pressured rip off! I actually feel sorry for the ugly girls given false hope, all the agency wants is their money and convince them of this incredible makeover to be a TOP MODEL. Perhaps they should consider THE SWAN show! After all this, your last room is a woman “has been” from a 1970 toothpaste commercial having you sign the dotted line with taking your deposit and hoping for the full amount. (It reminds me of how time sharing use to be in the 80’s, they give you a tour, free gift and then their best blood sucking sharks come in and try to take all your life savings based on a scam).

Yeah, we fell for it! Reading later their web site, it is surely a cash shady deal for additional cost all along the way, not counting the rules and thousands it cost for 8 weeks. Turned out to be a lie of your immediate 3-day refund policy if you change your mind, the real conditions were hidden deep and buried in the contract in separate places by the way. So we complied quickly to their ridiculous steps to get our money back, and then also in small print somewhere else in the contract, they hold refunds for 30 days. BEWARE of the cons of Modeling Agencies!! It has become a cut throat business for breaking young girl’s hearts and taking their hard earned money, knowing full well it is to fill seats in the classrooms and to keep them in business. I am tempted to expose them!! Perhaps another day! Oh yeah, after pretending I was a lawyer, they finally refunded our deposit.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Therapy for a News Junkie

Why won’t these radical Democrats SHUT UP!! I have heard their rhetoric spin enough today. Apparently they don’t get it, we the people do not want to be fighting in our backyards with terrorist. God knows how many are already here. What do THEY think those killers are going to do in Iraq, if we pull our troops out now, go their own merry little way and stop hating Americans!! Yeah and tooth fairy visited me last night.

On to Aruba, Lord knows what happened to Natalee. Unfortunately the media will leave soon and the family will eventually have to go home. My heart breaks for the parents especially. Can’t even imagine losing my daughter and what they are going through. I have been mesmerized by this for a month, but now it is pretty clear they are not going to find her. My theory is Joran probably gave her the date rape drug (inside her drink) in the car after leaving the bar and she was still able to resist and he accidentally killed her in the process. Then the cover-up started and the local officials allowed enough time purposely to pass for zero evidence to be collected. They never dreamed that the Media was going to invade the island, so after a couple weeks they woke up and started realizing this is starting to effect their bread and butter. I truly believe he put her body in the ocean current and unfortunately it will never make it to Panama. How terribly unfortunate for this beautiful young girl to have vanished and how this arrogant narcissistic sociopath Joran is going to walk free after his stay at Club Med.

Gitmo, for the few that want to close our prison in Cuba holding the worst of the worst killers, let them come live with you. Where else would we put them? Not here, surely not if I have anything to say about it. They have no mercy or use the Geneva Convention rule book, why should we treat them as if they are resorting at the Hyatt. Actually they eat better than many U.S. citizens do.

Gucci replaced with a Generic Gown

A more somber side of me today after listening to our President last night, it brought back memories of tons of emotions. As previously mentioned, my last business that I worked myself to near death literally was not only my life but I loved it. Traveling to Italy, two to every four months to buy, will and deal. My business partner Vittorio originally from Conegliano, Treviso, Italy (20 minutes north of Venice) would go more often without me due to his family there and certain items individually needed for his own retail store in Canada. We sold wholesale authentic Italian high-end designer clothing to boutiques and small retailers throughout the country. My partnership with him was only in Florida and me operating the wholesale end in the States. The timing seemed perfect and we took baby steps before plunging ourselves in too deep knowing we both had limited capital for this endeavor. Shipment by shipment imported we would pay and it was sold before it went out on the UPS trucks. Customers started coming out from the woodwork all over the States, consumers were buying Versace sportswear, jeans especially and the many other brands that we were fortunate to get in bunk. Life was getting good and the showroom/warehouse was perfect.

Bam!! The day 9/11 came! Prior to that retail sales were up, Liras were not Euros and the products were flowing through customs with no delays. In August of every year, there were three of us that would go the last week to Jesolo Beach and then start work on the first when all the factories would re-open after holiday. In Italy the whole country takes off work for the month of August to vacation at the beach. As we were rapping up our yearly longest trip, our return date 9/12/01 the world suddenly changed and we were a long way from home without a flight back. That nightmare is another blog!! Not long after our return, the money stopped, our biggest import was held at the Port of Miami. I could have sold that shipment four times over, but until they decided three months later that all was authentic and released it, then it was too late to recover the out of pocket expenses to survive without our products. After that we probably held on too long hoping and praying we would survive the world holding out on spending money, but did not happen. The retailers were selling inventory and not buying, and the customers stopped shopping for high end clothing or buying as much of it. The attitude I guess was “I have enough Armani Suits, Louis Vuitton handbags, and Fendi scarves, etc. I even retired my Vuitton’s after the French acted as they did, I still support the boycott. I’d rather use my Prada or Gucci ones.

Anyway, enough background on that!! During the holdout on the shipment at customs, the doctors claimed I had breast cancer. A close call, but a false MRI and diagnosis, Praise GOD HE gave me another miracle; (edited out) This only added to my Fibromyalgia that I have fought with for about ten years. It took two surgeries back to back within six weeks to put me down for the count.

There is a huge gap between then and now, WOW what a life I live now, but I do have some fun and fascinating stories to tell about traveling all over Italy. Attached is a photo of me on Jesolo Beach that year before my life changed some fewer transatlantic flights for now. The old website of mine is still there, long over due for edits for my friend Vittorio, it seems to be lost in cyberworld. However Vittorio still travels frequently to Italy and buys for his store and occasionally takes orders from the internet.

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meaning THE BIG NAMES!! Bye for now, needing to get dressed and out of this generic gown that I lounge around in way too often.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Unsolicited Advise for My Sister’s B'day June 27th

I know that this is belated, yesterday I just felt sluggish for writing. Shame on me when you needed an extra Happy Birthday wish and so much more!! It sucks when you realize on a certain day out of the year belongs to you and it should be known to all this is “MY SPECIAL DAY”. Amazing as it is, you also have this mental trip that nags inside that now I am approaching the middle mark of your forties that has to be contended with as well. Take my word for it once you hit the 5 or like me the 6 number you know you are headed to the other side. On the flip at least it is not yet called fifty plus. Hell with the Senior citizen discounts!! As I once celebrated my birthday it would last for a week every year unfortunately that stopped I guess around 10 yrs ago and the party was over. Some say “OH it is just another Day” but they lie and it annoys me to hear it! Who doesn’t want to be doted on and treated like a Queen for your own special date marked clearly on the calendar for all to see? I want my butt kissed all day and reminded I can get by with anything I want, not to mention have suggestions on what each one can do to MAKE MY DAY! Take my advice if you do not get it that day; forget it because all the rest of them do and feel they are off the hook. Victoria spend some money, buy yourself something(s) that only you know you want and by all means eat like there is no tomorrow, a day of no guilt. Wishing I would have been there perhaps we could have laugh together all day and did silly things. With being miles apart thought I would post a past favorite photo of you that always makes me smile, maybe it will do the same for you. Happy Birthday and Many More, may all your dreams and wishes come true!!!! Love Always, your eccentric sister.