Thursday, October 18, 2007

Showdown on Capital Hill Today - S-CHIP

Will the Democrats on the Hill get the votes needed to override President Bush's veto? They sure have pulled every dirty trick in the book, parading poor children out to speak for adults as well as trying to confuse and mislead ones unaware. As confusing as this may be for many Americans, it really is quite simple. Regardless of how it turns out, both of these families have been and will be covered under the existing S-CHIP program. The Dems have portrayed this as Republicans not wanting to provide health care for sick children and that is a lie. The Democrats wants a $35 Billion expansion to the existing program, and that is with a "B" in Billions.

In my opinion, this program should be for poor children, not adults or middle class families, especially ones that have assets of great value. The tricky part to the truth of the matter is, Liberals want socialized medicine and this is a way of getting a toe hold that will lead to strong holds for the future. When the federal proverty level is set and they start adding 300 to 400 percentage wages above, people will drop their private insurance for the government ran programs. Don't forget about illegals aliens either, no one seems to be talking about that factor too.

The margin of votes are slim, but the impact is broad.

Does the American people truly want HillaryCare? I don't think so!! Last week, USA Today/Gallup Poll conducted a poll, and the majority of citizens favored President Bush's position and stated that government aid should remain for low-income families.

I have been reading and keeping up with this for a couple weeks now. Spending time reading right wing blogs, and yes, the crazy far left ones too, newspapers, MSM coverage along with listening everyday to Rush Limbaugh. Oh, yeah, I even watch those nuts on C-Span. My son says it is like watching paint dry. After wanting to scream out loud, it is usually time to switch over to news programs for awhile and go back to my reading. It will be interesting to watch tomorrow....Actually I hope that phony grin is wiped off Pelosi's and Reid's face and a huge message is sent to Hillary...about government ran health care. Watch for Mike Moore to speak if the Libs are able to perform magic tomorrow.

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