Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hoping To Be Back Soon

Due to health, personal and other has been too overwhelming for me to blog. Thanks to all of you that have checked in......I miss all of you and posting the latest..with keeping up.

Since emergency surgery (back a couple months ago)...a perforated appendicitis - prior to appendectomy, I waited too long, almost too long to go to the hospital and as a result the perforation caused bacteria to take over. In addition according to my hospital records, the surgeon also carelessly added to this during the removal. I've been dealing with abscesses, fever, etc. accompanied with tons of pain. I'm hopeful for an improvement soon. Unfortunately, with many of my other illnesses, symptoms have also overlapped ongoing chronic conditions, so much of my time has involved trying to recover and resting with too much time in bed.

Hopefully soon, I will jump back in blogging even if it is with days in between.....I truly desire to. Take care and God Bless,

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