Sunday, October 21, 2007

Media Shut-out while Clinton Speaks Behind Closed Doors in Florida

While Republicans are debating openly in Orlando, Bill Clinton quietly slides into Miami, Florida to campaign and raise money for his wife, Hillary. Conveniently, a loop-hole exist in the pledge taken by Democrats not to campaign here. You can't trust anything they say or do. Too many $$$'s in Florida to stay away, not to mention votes.
The ex-president's appearance fell into a loophole in a pledge that Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates made to the four states authorized to hold the earliest primaries and caucuses. The candidates agreed not to campaign in Florida or Michigan -- which bucked national party rules by moving up their primary elections -- except to raise money.
This shows their potential voters, Democrats do not mean what they say and can't be believed. How stupid do they think Floridians are? Which is it? - No Democrat candidates campaigning here or loopholes of a pledge they created, makes it acceptable? What was the point? Actually, I was looking forward to the Liberals being silenced here and us being spared the hypocrisy rhetoric. Well the media did not seem pleased tonight when they were barred from entering James L. Knight Center.
U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Weston Democrat, introduced Clinton and sat in a chair on stage during his remarks.
Clinton thanked her for her leadership during Congress' recent debates on immigration reform. ''All these people hyperventilating like the world is coming to an end,'' he quipped about the heated immigration deliberations.
Although Clinton's speech was technically a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's campaign, the event was billed as a low-cost opportunity to see the former president.
The Miami Herald reporter had to buy an admission ticket, a $50 donation to Hillary' campaign to get inside.
A sneaky maneuver that mostly likely will be repeated, regularly. I doubt if this will make national news. At the Miami Herald online it was listed as breaking news, but mysteriously after watching the report on our local ABC network, there was no mention of it on their website, (it may appear later) after the live coverage outside with the reporter. She did show a photo that was taken from someone's cellphone that had been inside.

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