Friday, October 19, 2007

All Eyes on E-Bay Democrat Smear Letter for Highest Bidder

WOW!!! Already over two million and climbing! Within a couple hours, the country will know the highest bid for the Democrats' Smear Letter to Rush Limbaugh posted on E-Bay for a week long astonishing record breaking success on charity bids in the history of E-Bay. Great news for support of the military, but at the same time it exposes the despicable Liberals in our country's Congress. Ew, you have to know that the 41 Senators that signed the smear letter to an outstanding citizen, that they must be mortified and humiliated. Ooops, I doubt it, they have no shame. Whatta saying now Dingy Harry Reid, leader of the disgraceful pack? We want a statement!!

We can only hope that this sends a huge message to ones that are suppose to represent our country, that their behavior will return to bite them in the butt and stunts like this will backfire. For people that have no knowledge, they will now know the position of Democrat leaders on supporting our troops, this should send a huge message. And for the rest of us that know about these "Phony Leaders" in Congress, it is just icing on the cake.

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