Thursday, June 29, 2006

Supporting and Praying for Israel

I stand behind Israel and support what they are doing. God is with them and the devils from hell, the terrorists, will be held accountable on our earth or in the life thereafter. No one likes war, but this is justified and Israel will prevail today, tomorrow, and forever.

Leave it up to France to side up with Hamas, read below, and still waiting on Iran's response.

Via jpost reports:
French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy condemned on Thursday the arrest of over 60 Hamas members by Israeli forces early in the morning. He said that diplomacy was the only solution to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians and that political figures should not be arrested.
"Over 60 Hamas members, including ministers in the Palestinian Authority parliament, were arrested overnight Wednesday throughout the West Bank.

Detainees included such senior figures as Finance Minister Omar Abdel Razek, Labor Minister Muhammed Barghouti, parliament member Mohamemd Abu Teir and the mayors of Kalkilya and Jenin. Army Radio revealed that Deputy Prime Minister Naser a-Din Shaer was not arrested, as was reported earlier."

Via Haaretz: Eliyahu Asheri, 18, shot dead soon after his abduction
The funeral of Eliyahu Asheri, the 18-year-old from the settlement of Itamar abducted by Palestinian militants on Sunday, was held Thursday afternoon at Jerusalem's Mount of Olives cemetery. (Pictured on the left: Eliyahu Asheri)

(Pictured on the right and below: Gilah Shalit -A family photograph of Gilad Shalit. He volunteered to be a combat soldier (AP)
Via Times Of London: UNTIL he was captured by Palestinian militants last Sunday there was little to distinguish Gilad Shalit from the thousands of other teenagers doing military service in the Israeli army.

He was raised, the middle of three siblings in a small community in the rolling hills of northern Galilee, near Israel’s border with Lebanon. His father, Noam, is a manager at the Iscar machine tools company; his mother, Aviva, works at the Society for the Protection of Nature. His brother is a college student and his sister is at high school.

Friends describe Gilad as studious, good at physics and a little shy. But they say he is quite determined in his own quiet way, and that when he was called up a year ago he volunteered to join a combat unit. His elder brother, Yoel, 21, is a student at a polytechnic in the northern Israeli port of Haifa. He has a younger sister at high school.
Today the future of the Middle East could hang on the fate of this otherwise unremarkable 19-year-old. [read more]

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