Friday, September 15, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell Despicable and ABC Should Take Action

Pic H/T Hot Air:
Here I am coming in late on this, but believe me it has been on my list for posting and taking action. This woman, if that is what you want to call her, is despicable in my opinion. ABC is just about as bad, no apology or anything concerning this either. This girl, ME, will never being watching "The View" again, especially if Rosie O'Donnell is still employed by ABC.

I just wrote a letter to the President of ABC daytime in reference to Rosie O' Donnell's venomous comments and I ask anyone that wishes to press a couple of links to do the same. In my case, I added a few paragraphs to the pre-written letter that was submitted to him.

O'Donnell on ABC: 'Radical Christians' no different that murdering radical Muslims...The American Family Association Online has posted an easy link that will submit your complaint with a couple clicks.
ABC's Rosie O'Donnell told a nationwide audience this week that "radical Christians" are the same as radical Muslins who piloted hijacked jetliners into New York's Twin Towers, who chop off the heads of individuals and who bomb innocent children in suicide attacks. O'Donnell made her comments as host of ABC's "The View."

"Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state," O'Donnell said. She had been saying that America was attacked "not by a nation." She continued: "And as a result of the attack and the killing of 3,000 innocent people we invaded two countries and killed innocent people." Even her liberal co-hosts were shocked by her comments.

Co-host Joy Behar protested that Christians are not trying to impose mass murder on America. "This group (radical Muslims) is threatening to kill us." Replied O'Donnell: "No, but we are bombing innocent people in other countries. True or false?"
Thank you Gayle for forwarding this important email to me.

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