Friday, September 15, 2006

Blogging for Bolton

I highly recommend joining Blogging for Bolton and please take action.

Via Blogs for Bush: Matt Margolis' Post below....

With Democrats determined to defeat John Bolton's nomination to the Ambassador to the U.N., we have to do our part to help assure his confirmation. The folks at Senator Frist's VOLPAC has created, "a phone bank designed to flood the offices of Democratic Senators with calls in support of Ambassador Bolton." makes it easy for bloggers and activists to take their support of John Bolton and turn it into action! This is a fight too important to not take action. I urge all bloggers and activists to take part in this grassroots campaign and not let the Democrats obstruct Bolton's nomination.

Hundreds of calls have already been made, and you can help make more by posting about and joining this grassroots campaign.

And don't forget to join the Blogroll for Bolton!

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Note: On my sidebar, there is a link to also write Congress. There should not even be a debate over his nomination, this is ridiculous. I encourage all bloggers to get involved.

Others Blogging: Many!! Alabama Improper, John at Right Wing News, Pamela at Atlas Shrugs, Pat at Dr. Sanity, Charles at Little Green Footballs, Flopping Aces, Hillbilly White Trash,

A BIG THANKS to Senator Majority Leader Senator Bill Frist - Volpac for adding ASSORTED BABBLE to the List!!!

Click here for More information on BLOGGING for BOLTON. Don't wait....Take action Now!!
This ad will be placed soon on my sidebar as well.

*UPDATE* Not only have I been calling these Senators since posting this, I indicated to them my thoughts on confirming John Bolton. In conversation, I made them make note that I am a blogger within the top 200 globally (did not mention the TTLB Ecosystem-smiling) that is part of the campaign for Bolton's Confirmation. That I will be writing Senators and informing my readers as well. We must join together and make a difference.

Thanks Gateway Pundit for linking me in your post. Jim has an informative write-up on this campaign.

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