Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It should be a No Brainer! It is Illegal

Over the last couple of days, I have listened to MORE debates on the Illegal Immigration Issue. Some of the supporters interviewed, just blow my mind with their ridiculous defense. Not sure if anyone watched “Your World w/Cavuto”, The Big Story-John Gibson, and O’Reilly-Mon and Tues. However, these are several of the topic discussions below.

Voters - Yes, it has been proven that illegals are voting in our Country, which is illegal.

Mexican ConstitutionIn Mexico, an American can enter the country with a driver license but the stay is (30-90 days?) without a special Visa to stay longer if you are caught you could spend two years in jail if there illegal. Protesting there is illegal. If you are not Mexican but become a citizen, you have no right to run for office, become part of the clergy, etc. The Mexican Constitution is very strict when it comes to anyone other than a born Mexican. An expert was on that has studied their constitution – on O’Reilly.
Many of the Illegal immigrants entering from Mexico’s southern border are jailed if they do not pay off the corrupt army, raped, and women tie their breast down to appear as a man while crossing.

Missing Work to Protest- This Looney-Lib woman was on Cavuto defending Illegals not showing up for work that was fired. It turns out the complete plant had to shutdown due to their workers not showing up. She claimed protesting a legitimate excuse for not showing up at all. As Neil said if he had an urge to go to the beach on a warm day, he would be fired too without advance notice of a vacation day. She argued tooth and nail, that they should have their jobs back and the employer should have shutdown due to the protests as many businesses did. Do you think they had a choice, with no workers there?
Don't even get me started on children being brain-washed by Liberal school systems feeding garbage to our youth and encouraging skipping school along with teaching bad things about our President. One taught Bush was Hitler and the latest a teacher in AL showing a disguesting video.

MICHELLE MALKIN was Bill’s guest the other night and click here for the transcript. I agree with her that we should first seal our borders and get our house in order before creating a bill for ones to work here.
I think it's a matter of priorities, Bill. I don't think that we can talk about administering or creating any new guest worker, amnesty type program until we clean our own house.
And our house is a mess. If you look at the
Department of Homeland Security from top to bottom, and you want to talk about comprehensive immigration reform, let's talk about reforming that bureaucracy first.
The deportation system is a mess. The detention system is a mess. We can't police fraud. We can't clear the current backlog of applications at the
Bureau for Immigration Services right now.

Civil Rights AttorneyThis man thinks the borders should be wide-open and let America change to whites being the minority. (Bottom line)

Moussaoui was an illegal with an expired visa. Let us not forget what terrorists are capable of and yes they are crossing our borders.

Maywood, CA- A sanctuary for Illegals!!! – Bolivating Zepplin awhile ago did an excellent post on this. It's Not Just Maywood: It’s the Logical Extension . Also you may want to read this column Desert Dispatch on Maywood . "When the enforcement of the law got in between the illegal residents and their pursuit of happiness, the City Council dissolved the city's traffic department."

Then you see Monday Hypocrite Hillary speaking to the Illegals along with Kennedy and Schumer. They take the stage with their kiss butt rhetoric. From all the numerous debates I have listened to, it is obvious that Far Left is playing up to them and is looking for voters in the upcoming elections and to divide our nation - Illegals vs. American Citizens. Does our voice count? I am truly beginning to wonder.

Rae Ann always writes great posts many in reference to our constitution I suggest checking out her take on this. Click here - No Representation without Taxation .

Lilo has linked with Coalition Against Illegal Immigration . Lilo has the links to their site and they are getting signatures.

I know many others are posting on this issue too, sorry if I left you out but please insert your link in the comment section. I look forward to your opinions on this or a section of it.

P.S. Good - Congress in Washington D.C. and National Public Radio today are reading my blog, great... maybe during their 2 week Easter Break....they will check many of our pulses!!!
Patrick today has a post about the Guest Worker Program and investigations on who is funding these and others.

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