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Seventh Missile Launches from North Korea

Breaking News....Another Missile fired from North Korea.
Yesterday, on our Independence Day, this lunatic Kim Jong Ill decides to launch 6 (confirmed) missiles. My previous post is full of info and links in reference to fireworks from N.Korea. This morning the ILL maniac has fired another one.

Oh, an idea, perhaps we can send Kim Jong Il's buddy, Clinton's former Sec of State, Madeleine Albright over there to kiss up to him and then everything should be alright. Albright stated Il watches CNN and has email access, in that case he knows the libs are his friends along with the N.Y. Times. Wonder if the N.Y. Times and the MSM held back these planned launches and decided not to leak on this story. Pic H/T FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog What I really think is printed below in large red print.

ViaFox News: North Korea Test Fires Seventh Missile Amid Uproar Over Launches
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea test-fired a seventh missile Wednesday, South Korean officials said, intensifying the furor ignited when the reclusive regime launched at least six missiles earlier in the day.
Some feared more firings. Pyongyang could test additional missiles soon despite the international furor over Wednesday's launches, Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said after making a protest via telephone to North Korea's ambassador to Canberra, Chon Jae Hong.
Two U.S. State Department officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the long-range missile was the Taepodong-2, North Korea's most advanced missile with a range of up to 15,000 kilometers 9,320 miles. Some experts believe it could reach the United States with a light payload.
The missiles all landed hundreds of miles away from Japan and there were no reports the missiles caused damage within Japanese territory, said Japanese spokesman Shinzo Abe. He said the first missile was launched at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, or about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday EDT.
Reuters: North Korea launches missiles, UN Council to meet
TOKYO (Reuters) - North Korea test-fired a barrage of missiles on Wednesday, including a long-range weapon said to be capable of reaching Alaska, ratcheting up tensions in north Asia and drawing international condemnation.

U.N. Security Council is planning an emergency meeting this morning.

AP Reports: World condemns North Korean missile tests
SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea test-fired a seventh missile Wednesday, intensifying the furor that began when the reclusive regime defied international protests by launching a long-range missile and at least five shorter-range rockets earlier in the day.
North Korea remained defiant, with one official arguing that the country had the right to such launches. The tests and the impenitent North Korean attitude raised fears that further firings could follow.

News from Korean Central News Agency of DPRK
Korean News
reports on Kim Jong Il
CNN Headline and article: North Korea test-fires 7th missile

The Washington Times is reporting that one missile landed near Russian territory.

*BREAKING UPDATE* 9:00 a.m. More Missiles may be on the way from N.Korea and U.N. may debate Military response.
Japan has elevated their Alert system.

The Security Council met at 10:00 a.m. Via Fox News: Excerpt - "This is obviously a very serious matter because of the North Korean provocation," said John Bolton, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. "But this is precisely what the Security Council is designed to handle, and we hope the council will rise to the occasion.
"We think we can proceed in a calm and deliberate fashion, but we hope we have a strong and unanimous signal from the council that this kind of behavior is unacceptable," he said.
And More..... The chief of Russia's general staff said that Russian tracking systems showed that Pyongyang may have launched up to 10 missiles during the day, the Interfax news agency reported.

Via Breitbart: White House: No Standoff With N. Korea
Both Secretary of State Condi Rice and U.N. AMB John Bolton have spoken. (Discussions)

DISCUSSIONS, DISCUSSIONS, and more discussions while more, and more missiles are launched.....I say BOMB that SUCKER!!! Blow Kim Jong IL, the evil orbit while he is sitting in his high-chair.

12:15 White House Briefing scheduled

Approx around 8:15 p.m. Fox News Alert:
Via Fox News: Report: North Korea Has Three to Four More Missiles on Launch Pads
Excerpt: South Korean media reported Thursday that North Korea has three or four more missiles on launch pads and ready for firing. The missiles are either short- or medium-range, reported Chosun Ilbo, one of South Korea's largest newspapers. It cited an unidentified senior South Korean official.
Another major newspaper, JoongAng Ilbo, carried a similar report.
The North has also barred people from sailing into some areas off the coast until July 11 in a possible sign of preparations for additional launches, Chosun Ilbo said.

Don't count on China or Russia.....or Iran for that matter, they are all in this nuclear weapon deals together. Russia is actually leading the pack.....Add up oil, weapons sales and sharing, terrorism, bombs, etc. it equals one goal killing Americans and Jews.

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