Saturday, February 04, 2006

Something Needs to be Said

I normally try to shake off ones that quote a line or two from my blog without them putting it in proper context, (that happens often believe me) however, there are a few things that needs to be said. First of all a former blogger that once was allowed to post comments here, has been nice and emailed me in his own way of apologizing for publishing 3 (three unflattering posts completely dedicated to me) with his own spin to shine light on his views as being a better person than me. I emailed him prior to him posting asking him not to do it and he told his readers he did not receive it in time, and all his readers believed it. Then the final posting concerning me, was in short about Yes people but it was ironic that is what was desired by his post (YES MAN!! Yes Yes Sir) and I was told I was un-Christian like. However, I never posted a response to his hypocrisies on my blog. Okay for him but not for me. Humm! Okay, I’m a forgiving person and thought all was alright.

Today I flipped around viewing blogs and ran across a comment inserted in a post. (2-2-06) Wow, another example of comments inserted without the complete context. My friend Rebecca made the partial comment, after being attacked venomously by an Anonymous commenter (hum wonder who? Hum yeah) on My post-Cindy Sheehan’s plan for Handcuffs about Cindy Sheehan. This evil person brought up more than once about her son having Autism and attacked Rebecca repeatedly. It was lower than low and all because Rebecca disagreed with this subhuman individual and their liberal views. To add insult to injury the former blogger I previously mentioned took Rebecca’s comments from my blog (2 comments out of 140) and posted this:

1) Yippee!! More tolerant libs!! Yes, the ones who are all so-knowing.. and tolerant of other's views..
2)You are just as nuts as Cindy

This person’s post was all about RESPECT to boot!! What a joke!! If I would have been Rebecca and someone said the things that this Anonymous person said, you would have to hold your ears as I stated my response. Anyone, I don’t care who you are, you make a comment about a child that is darling, innocent, and so very special and bring that into a political debate or publish a post in regards to RESPECT…that is very sick. In this case, YES I only want people that will agree with me on this. If you agree with this "unforgiving behavior" of a few, NO I don’t want you here. I do not even what to know you!

Okay another subject, I have this miserable, hateful, ugly, negative woman that lives to criticize me, my blog or anything in regards to me. Her latest interest is in regards to if I am going to enter Madman's contest, with her "murf" attitude and nasty comments. Okay that is fine, she has proven she is jealous, no problem but her obsession has taken on a new meaning. She lives in Michigan, will provide more info if desired. Okay enough is enough….there are millions of blogs out there, why don’t you get over yourself and stop posting anonymous on my blog and revealing yourself in regards to your hatred and obsession with me on other blogs. I think everyone is sick of your negative comments. I have never once read anything that you had something positive to say. Get a life and stay the hell away from here.

Effective Feb 2006 All comments have been saved and hidden due to transferring to Haloscan 30 Comments Only Comments I feel will be suitable!!