Monday, July 17, 2006

Keep On Yapping DNC Chairman Howard Dean

This idiot Howard Dean is the best thing that ever happened to the DNC. Keep it up....As long as you are yapping the more people see what the Far Left Democrats stand for. No solutions, plans, or solutions, etc....just Bush Bashing and desperate tactics with disgusting ads and outragous statements. If Democrats were in power right now, we would have our two-front war going in the front yard and fighting in our backyard against terrorists on our soil.

Dean raps Bush on defense
The San Diego Tribune reports the rhetoric: Democratic chairman speaks at conference

Outside the Beltway posted Democrats Have Magic Powers....LOL
You've Got to Love Dr. Dean read more at 4thelittleguy.

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Hope you are getting the message Via Meter: 204.245.162.# (Democratic National Committee) District of Columbia-Washington

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