Friday, October 26, 2007

YANK that YouTube Video says Edwards to Student

The whiny John Edward's campaign DEMANDED that this video below be yanked from the YouTube website. Dare not show the hypocrisy of Democratic presidential hopeful, John Edwards!!

After a UNC-Chapel Hill student journalist posted the video, there has been threats of cutting off access to Edwards for UNC student reporters. Obviously, they are having a hissy fit over this video. No one is suppose to give a fair and balance report, it may give ones pause to think for themselves.

John Edwards should be happy that someone (some students) want to cover his campaign even if his headquarters location is in conflict with the theme standing up for the poor. Remember the Two Americas!! He hasn't a prayer for the presidency. This man is delusional, not only does he think he is more electable than any other Democrat, he honestly thinks he can win the presidency outright. I can't help but laugh writing this, this guy is such a phony, someone needs to give him the memo, for real.

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