Thursday, October 18, 2007

Senator Hillary Clinton May Be Deposed

As reported earlier this week, a video tape "Hillary Exposed" of Senator Hillary Clinton, Liberial Democrat Presidential candidate, escaped a fraud lawsuit filed by Hollywood mogul Peter Paul but could be a material witness.

( - A California court ruled Tuesday that Hillary Clinton will not be a defendant in a fraud lawsuit brought by Hollywood mogul Peter Paul, who claimed the Clintons destroyed his business after he raised millions for her first Senate campaign in 2000. But she could still be a material witness and be required to testify about what she knew concerning alleged illegal campaign fundraising.

The California Court of Appeals (Second Appellate District) upheld a California Superior Court ruling that the New York senator and leading Democratic candidate for president could avoid the lawsuit because of a state law that protects public figures from frivolous lawsuits.

However, Paul's lawsuit is still in play against the senator's husband, former President Bill Clinton, the Clintons' business associate Jim Levin, and Hollywood producer Gary Smith, who were all involved in a Hollywood fundraiser, orchestrated by Paul, for Sen. Clinton's first Senate run in 2000.

Though the Federal Election Commission (FEC) found wrongdoing and Sen. Clinton's campaign finance chair David Rosen was indicted and later acquitted on charges related to the Paul event, no official investigative agency determined the New York senator had direct knowledge of the wrongdoing.

In April, Paul obtained a videotape that showed the former first lady helping to plan the event, which Paul said would constitute an illegal in-kind contribution. Cybercast News Service first reported the existence of the tape in April.

The problem, the appeals court determined, is that Paul's legal case, which rests largely on allegations of wrongdoing in raising campaign funds, is "wholly unrelated to the conduct underlying Paul's claims - the president's alleged false promise and Sen. Clinton's purported encouragement made to mislead him into underwriting the Hollywood tribute," the ruling stated. read more
Let us see now if the Main Stream Media covers this news.

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