Monday, October 22, 2007

Say No to Dream Act for Illegal Aliens - Call Congress

**UPDATE** 10/23 Call your Senator (early morning) Vote NO Against Dream Act
In the morning, WED. Oct. 24, it looks like a cloture vote is set, they only need 60 votes.
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Time to call the Capital again to stop the idiots in Congress from passing the DREAM ACT, that will most likely be brought to the floor tomorrow. (Oct. 23) The Dems are determined to keep bringing this up to give illegal aliens another open door for amnesty. Hear that Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Mel Martinez (202) 224-3041.

Capital Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Senator Harry Reid vowed in Sept. to bring this proposal back, he apparently wants more controversy. What in the heck are the Liberals thinking in Washington? Their poll numbers are at an all time low and they continue to push stupidity and waste time on meaningless legislation when more important issues need to be addressed. Folks, this will give instant amnesty to illegals, call your representatives, as soon as possible.

S-CHIP debacle, Attacking Rush Limbaugh, Screwing around with FISA, Woodstock Museum, and the list goes on. These people are so out of touch with real Americans it is pathetic.
More information on this at Michelle Malkin and NumbersUSA.

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