Friday, December 29, 2006

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has Mike Tyson in His County

WooHoo, My favorite Sheriff Joe Arpaio has convicted rapist, ear biting boxer, sex-offender, Mike Tyson under his custody in Maricopa County, Arizona. What a place for Mike Tyson to take up residence, now Tyson can look forward to pink underwear and working for his food once convicted again.

America's Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio had Mike Tyson registered as a sex offender in his county and it looks at this point police nabbed Tyson with cocaine in his back pocket and in his BMW while driving drunk; he may be living with many illegal aliens at tent city in the near future. A great place for him to go to, you can rest assured he will work not a club med prison.
Boxer Mike Tyson is free this morning but undergoing drug and alcohol monitoring after telling police he has a cocaine problem "and uses it anytime he can get his hands on it."Tyson, 40, was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence 1:45 a.m. Friday in downtown Scottsdale by a Buckeye police officer working as part of a DUI holiday task force.
Tyson admits cocaine addiction in DUI arrest via The Arizona Republic.

Tyson deserves to be behind bars, he is always been dangerous and still is!!.....Additionally, how stupid is Tyson telling the police all that he did, he must want to serve time in prison again. Well, I am sure after his court proceedings, he will sure wish... he had been sober and in another county that is sure, if of course found guilty; it seems pretty obvious by the reports that he was....caught red handed.

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