Saturday, July 08, 2006

Personal Info about Kim Jong Il N.Korea's leader

This mad man is not dealing with a full deck. Kim Jong-Il in on the list as one of the most dangerous men in the world. Aside from the fact, he is an evil and ruthless dictator, he allows his people to be starved, tortured, and killed. This lunatic has been caught counterfeiting U.S. dollars and is involved in trafficking narcotics, methamphetamine, heroin, fake Viagra, and last but not least, which is totally chilling, he sales ballistic missiles.
Kim Jong Il has been a terrorist dating back in the 1980's.

Last week, it was mentioned that he is also into sex porn and young girls as young as 13 years old. He watches CNN, movies, and has internet access. I know someone from there has visited my site several times; just view the world map counter on my sidebar. (place your mouse over any flag and it will show the location) Actually the other day, when I was burning up the keyboard on the fourth, both N.Korea and Japan visited.

As many of you know, I don't watch CNN, but last weekend during the long holiday, CNN featured an hour segment on N. Korea. There were a few uncover individuals putting their life on the line to video tape inside the country and cross the river by bribing the border military guards. They travel back and forth with each time taking a huge risk of being caught. One of the tapes showed people dead just lying in the streets and people walking around them. One of the brave reporters was able to get close enough in to see firing squads killing people and it has been reported that 200,000+ people are in political prison camps out of the 22 million people that live there.
Source: Fox News and CNN Presents

An article I found gives more inside on Kim Jong Il's background and personal info. An Excerpt:
Kim had a reputation as a hard-partying playboy as a young man -- and reportedly still has an eye for the ladies.
"He recruited attractive young girls of junior high school age to take part in 'Joy Brigades,' whose function was to help in relaxation to his senior officials," says Jerrold Post, a former CIA profiler.
His taste for the high life extends to a fondness for fast cars and fine dining.

One 2003 account by Russian official Konstantin Pulikovsky -- who accompanied Kim on a train journey across Russia -- described how live lobsters and roasted donkey -- reportedly the North Korean leader's favorite food -- were flown out to supply the train each day.

Kim is also a huge film buff boasting a collection of as many as 20,000 films.

U.S. officials say he even once went so far as to order the kidnapping of a South Korean actress and her director husband.

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