Monday, July 31, 2006

News of Fidel Castro People are Celebrating in the Streets

Our local Miami News is airing the thousands that are celebrating in the streets, the crowds are larger now than when the Miami Heat won the championship recently. Nothing but happiness, dancing, joyful emotional statements with tears; the sounds are deafening of the parties. The Cuban-Americans of this area, see this as a new beginning from the breaking news of Cuban's dictator Fidel Castro signing away his power to his brother, Raul Castro, 75 yrs old. Castro has always claimed that he would never do that until his death. Breaking News - Castro is still alive but the situation is changing by the moment and this is not confirmed. The celebration is about Cuba being weakened and at this time Fidel Castro is no longer in power. That is why they are saying this is a beginning of a New Day after 47 years.

Via CBS Channel 4 Local Miami: CBS Sources: Castro Is Still Alive
Castro 'Provisionally' Turns Over Island To His Brother Raul
Cuba Says Castro Needs Time To Recover From Surgery

(CBS4 News) HAVANA In an unprecedented announcement, the Cuban government announced Monday night that Fidel Castro was temporarily giving up power to his brother and Vice President Raul, due to surgery for an illness he developed while traveling to Argentina. This is the first time Castro has turned over power to anyone since taking control of Cuba in 1959.
CBS News sources in Havana have confirmed that Castro is still alive. There is no official confirmation.
The announcement was made at 9:15 Monday night on Cuban Television, monitored in Miami. A spokesperson for the Cuban government made the announcement, which came in the middle of a newscast. There was little advance notice of the special announcement.
The announcement ended with a screen showing Castro’s signature, making the order official. Little information was given about the details of Castro’s illness.
The statement, read by Carlos Balanciaga, said Castro requires several weeks of rest.
Balanciaga also announced that Castro was turning over his functions in the area of health care and education and as head of the national energy program to other Communist party and government figures.
The announcement said that the operation was filmed and that all the medical records including endoscopy, x-rays, and others exist but did not specify if they would be released.
Balanciaga said the Communist Party has to stand firm to defend the revolution threatened by Washington.
Balanciaga said Castro would be out of public life for two months, during which time Raul Castro, designated as his brother’s successor, would have complete control of the country.The announcement was met with shock and surprise in Miami, home of the largest Cuban exile population in the world. Joe Garcia, a director of the Cuban American National Foundation, said he believed the Cuban government is not revealing all it knows about Castro’s illness.
Our news anchors spoke positively about how ironic that our President today, here in Miami, had met and discussed with Cuban Americans with encouragement earlier in the day, in public and in private in regards to Cuba.

News Briefings are starting and many politicians are also rejoicing with our large Cuban communities. Even with all the good news about Fidel Castro, reports are that of course this is good news, but recently Cuba has become stronger with support from Venezuela's Hugo Chevaz, China, and Iran. Raul Castro has been known to be ruthless and head over the military in Cuba, but most Cubans feel he does not have what it takes.

This story is still developing.......All reports are saying that these parties in the streets may go on all night. The Mayors are having live news conferences and are allowing the demonstrations but asking please in an orderly fashion. So far all that are being shown is peaceful. The news is reporting that this may go through the night in the announcements will be made at 7 a.m. and Live News will return at 4 a.m. Level 2 Alert...Officials suggest to find empty lots, parks, sidewalks, etc. please keep the streets clear for emergencies.

Fox Miami-Ft Lauderdale WSVN: Cubans in Miami wait anxiously to hear Castro's condition

MIAMI (AP) -- Cubans exiles took to the streets in anticipation Monday night after news spread that Cuban President Fidel Castro temporarily relinquished power to his brother Raul and underwent surgery for abdominal bleeding.
People waved Cuban flags on Little Havana's Calle Ocho and in nearby Hialeah, shouting "Cuba, Cuba, Cuba," hoping that the end was near for the man most of them consider to be a ruthless dictator.
Videos available at both links- WSVN and WFOR.
Via Breitbart (AP): Castro Relinquishes Power Before Surgery
Via Breitbart (AP) : Castro's Younger Brother More Radical
Via Breitbart (AP) : Cubans in Miami Await News on Castro
Via Breitbart (AP) : Castro's New Health Problem More Serious

*UPDATE* Special Cuba Coverage click here.

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FREEDOM IS AWESOME!!!! I feel blessed to have been born in America. Many of these people were born here but some escaped the dictatorship of Castro on rafts to come to America. My feelings about people that live oppressed by evil dictators are different than about illegals that do not live in a country like Cuba or the way Iraq was.

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