Sunday, July 30, 2006

Iranian owned Hezbollah and Their Tactics

On a Sunday morning, when you want to publish something that is positive and that may make you smile, you wake up to a pivotal change in global feelings turning away from Israel and their right to defend themselves in much of the world and ones sympathizing with TERRORISTS. Lebanon’s government, Hezbollah and the region know the conditions to have a cease fire, it is simple and has been stated from the beginning without being wavered; return the kidnapped soldiers, lay down your arms, and enforce 1559. Instead the Terrorists would rather allow innocent civilians die.

The way I see it, Hezbollah’s plan for using poor innocent civilians, possibly Hezbollah families, as human shields while they launch never-ending rockets into Israel, knowing that in retaliation Israel would return fire, air strikes upon them; obviously, they knew this would stir the pot and cause global outrage. Hezbollah knew, believed to be craftily planned by using this target knowing good and well, that by these sad deaths of women and (some handicapped children) children (roughly 60+ deaths) it would be aired throughout the Arab World for sympathy and support for the terrorist group that they are, placing all the blame on Israel. (How evil Hezbollah is for using such tactics for human shields) Hezbollah keeps promoting they are victorious but at the same time claiming to be victims. It is strange that no young men, soldier age, were found in the rumble of the dead. Think about it! As I write this, a loop of footage of these gruesome deaths of children are being aired, over and over again, for all of that side of the world to see from Al-Jazeera to all the other Islam/Arab stations.

I must note, that this is a common tactic of Hezbollah to go into neighborhoods and fire rockets behind civilians purposely and then move from that location immediately. It is strange that Hezbollah did not report these casualties until almost 7 hours after it supposedly occurred. It is obvious it is horrific to see dead women and children, but they were targeted by the ruthless Hezbollah that does not care about human life or killing themselves as suicide bombers, this set-up was for promoting their cause. Aside from using women and children, woman in these countries are usually looked up as cattle anyway, how sad is that? There are questions now, if Hezbollah did not place those people in that area on purpose and staged this knowing that IDF would fire back at the location where Hezbollah was launching rockets.

Tell me that Hezbollah is not recruiting more hate filled radical Islamics for wanting to kill us all, Jews and Americans, this is working as Iranian owed Hezbollah guerillas’ desires become reality as each day goes by. Hezbollah terrorists were prepared for their television tower to be targeted early on, so they had back-up stations ready to be mobilized throughout secret locations to keep the propaganda transmitting their agenda. Picture: Hezbollah flags are displayed for sale at a market in the center of the West Bank town of Nablus, Saturday, July 29, 2006. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)

This morning on Meet the Press, the U.N. Israeli Amb Gillerman stated that Israel has video tape of rockets being launched from the site, that was bombed this morning in Qana, Lebanon. Moments ago, the video tape was shown on Fox News, but Israel is still confirming that this was the exact location of where the rockets were fired from the apartment building in Qana, where the human shields were killed. The video tape is remarkably evident, that it truly appears the hostile rockets that were launched by Hezbollah (to kill Israelis) were behind a building that looks identical to the one bombed. But, do you really believe that if this tape proves to be true, that it will be aired on the bias television stations supporting Hezbollah?

The meeting for Secy of State, Condi Rice was abruptly cancelled to Lebanon this morning or as some report out of Lebanon, she was uninvited. Now, Rice plans to leave the Mideast, cutting her trip short and meanwhile the U.N. calls an immediate meeting this Sunday morning at 11 a.m., hopefully U.S. Amb John Bolton will blast them with a reminder of who started this; what a frustrating job he has to have to deal with corrupt members of the United Nations. Obviously, the world knows that the U.N. is a waste of time, what other international force will take their place eventually? An organization that can half way be trusted, does any such group exist? Kofi Annan is still voicing his rhetoric.

I am so sick of hearing the word “Resolutions” what good are they when hundreds are never enforced? Paper is all I see with no meaning or intentions, why would rogue nations worry about resolutions against them? How many were against Sadam, fourteen? Iran spews out this morning, they have no intentions on honoring any, the same as N.Korea rejected the last one against them recently. They must say - So what? What are you going to do about it, absolutely NOTHING!!

We have to remember Hezbollah has killed our soldiers in the past and they have been building up for this for years. With over 150 million a year in support from Iran to Hezbollah and Syria allowing themselves to be the bridge between the two and don’t forget the weapons being supplied to them. This was a long patient plan from the start and precise timing around Iran having another diversion from nuclear enrichment, they crossed over the border of Israel, kidnap two soldiers and killing several (8) others. Don’t think for a moment that this has not been in the works for many years to spark a Holy War to gather support against Israel and the U.S. Just imagine if Cuba or in Mexico, a terrorist group(s) crossed our borders and took one of us captive. It is not far-fetched or unimaginable, it could very well be in the planning for the near future with many countries, South America included, lining up with Iran.

Picture: Protesters chanted ""Death to Israel, death to America. We sacrifice our blood and souls for Lebanon."

A mob of demonstrators, in the thousands, stormed the U.N. building in Beirut, going ballistic with hate and outrage. Watch the footage! Of course, if you are taught from being a child to hate, growing up with a mindset to fight and kill infidels while worshiping a fake God, Allah, what else do you know? The lifelong goal/mission is to kill and to eliminate the Jewish people, take over Israel, occupy Jerusalem as well as killing all infidels…that is us folks. Just remember these people have been brainwashed from birth with a deep-rooted hatred towards the Israel and the U.S.

Israel never targets civilians, actually the IDF have dropped leaflets repeatedly warning these Hezbollah strong hold areas in south Lebanon to Get Out. What other country would be so sensitive to offer such warning? Israel has one of the most mightiest military forces in the world, but they are only using a fraction of it in a very cautious way to keep the Lebanon civilian deaths to a minimum, even though Israel is living in terror with wailing air raid sirens going off constantly with rockets from Hezbollah being aimed at the Israeli people. God Be with them, as I know HE is.

Al-Jazeera reporting: Nasrallah vows more strikes
Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has vowed to rain down more rockets on Israel and said that Condoleezza Rice's visit to the region aimed to "impose conditions that serve Israel".
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GUNS IN THE CLOSET At home in a town in southern Lebanon, a Hezbollah fighter waits to be called to action. chilling By Kevin Sites.

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VIDEO - An IDF investigation has found that the building in Qana struck by the Air Force fell around eight hours after being hit by the IDF. [read more]
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