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Former KGB Russian Pres Putin a Terrorist?

I call on my Christian friends to pray for our President while at the G8 Summit in Russia Thursday. Throughout my research for months now, I feel President VLadimir Putin is or may be a terrorist and perhaps a larger threat than Iran, N.Korea and/or UBL. A little background below and other links on this subject...
Is Vladimir Putin reverting back to his roots as a KGB leader and communist? Putin is showing two personalities, but has a real motive behind his masquerade. Is he sharing nuclear weapons and/or secrets with our enemies including Al-Qaeda? Below you will read a quote from our VP Cheney about the change in attitude with Russia.

1) Russia refuses to vote to sanction Iran and North Korea. In January according to Moscow News, they report on several articles, one it is not profitable for Russia to impose sanctions on Iran and this may be the case with North Korea also. Iran and Russia have very close ties and common goals. At the beginning of the year, Russia sold Iran nearly $1 billion dollars worth of weapons and offered to allow Iran to enrich at Russia’s power plants which later Iran rejected and wanted to do that in their own country. (I feel it was part of the chess game for stalling for more time) Another added huge interest between the two is the Caspian Sea, the benefits of this area can be gained by either side. Syria plays an additional role in all this, both Russia and Syria have more advanced weapons to offer to Iran. Back to Syria, they are smack in the middle of this war supporting Hamas along with Iran supplying Hamas against Israel.

In Feb 2006, Iran's President visiting Hamas leader on Feb 20, 2006 jpost reports: [Another Hamas PLC member from Gaza, Dr. Atef Adwan, told The Post that accepting Iranian money would make "Hamas a tool of [Iran's] policy and this is not good for Hamas and not good for the region." ] from previous post.

Russia is connected to Iran, Syria, Hamas, North Korea, and the list continues....most especially Islamic countries. Putin was in the KGB during the Cold War during the time Khan and other Russian scientists designed nuclear weapons. Read more about how Putin is reverting back to communism.

Based on the Confessions by the Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Bomb, that would be the Abdul Qadeer Khan, (picture in link) in case you are not familiar with this man along with other Russian scientists that made nuclear weapons during the Cold War. After the fall of the USSR, these scientists went to help Iran achieve its dreams of developing nuclear weapons. Keep in mind Russia's Putin was in leadership during this period of time that Mr. Khan was in the Soviet Union.
Just a thought....Is Russia reverting back to a communist country such as the former USSR and has China sold its soul to the enemies of the West? President Vladimir Putin is not our friend..... just look at his past from the KGB to what control he has now and his goals for the future. As my bible refers to....Russia is the bear, the north....actually Moscow is due north of... Jerusalem which is the center of our universe. An article of interest KGB Back at Power .....Don't forget the confessions by Abdul Qadeer Khan - "Father of Pakistan's Atomic Bomb", who worked for the USSR. In Jan 2006 Russia and Iran met and according to Albawaba Middle East News a quote "The focal point of our talks in Moscow will not be restricted to nuclear issues and we will hold talks on all fields," said Larijani.

Another Source-Toronto Star: April 2004 - Al Qaeda's nuclear quest has also refocused attention on the hundreds of tonnes of nuclear bomb material kept in insecure facilities in the former Soviet Union, mainly Russia.
Another Excerpt: IAEA inspectors want to know why Iran built the facility before building the reactors — especially since Russia had already agreed to provide it with enriched uranium.
Another Excerpt: But throughout the 1990s, Khan also made several trips to North Korea — trips that would have required Pakistani government approval. During those years, Pakistan obtained intermediate-range ballistic missiles from North Korea, likely in exchange for nuclear technology.

Excerpt from my previous post: I could really go off on Russia, they have suspicious ties to sabotaging last winter by cutting heating power off by explosions of pipelines to neighboring Georgia and Armenia. The fingerprints of Russia was all over this. Add in the corrupt voting, which later was overturned along with the poisoning of Ukraine’s P.M. Viktor Yanukovich, accusations where made that Russia was behind all this. Don’t forget the when our President visited Georgia (west-leaning country) and not far from the stage a grenade did not go off. Russia’s Pres. Putin is seeking a new law to allow him to serve a third term and for almost year Putin has silenced and censored the press in Russia.

I have always felt (firmly in my heart) that Putin was a suspect of being involved or behind the terrorist acts by the recent dead Chechen war lord Shamil Basayev and Moscow Theater being held hostage.

...the Palace of Congresses in St Petersburg, Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, will host the annual G8 summit. For Mr Putin, chairing a meeting of the world's richest industrialised countries, will be the pinnacle of his six-year presidency. His message will be clear: Russia is back and aggressively eager to use the fact that it has the world's largest gas reserves to regain its status as a superpower.

Garry Kasparov was furious as he strode into the Moscow boardroom of his new political movement, the United Civic Front. Flopping into a chair, he gesticulated towards a giant map of Russia covered in red labels.
"They are detaining our delegates all over the country," he said. "At least 20 arrests that we know of and two guys badly beaten in Kaliningrad."
Besides, the opposition has almost no presence in parliament, while activist groups which could help Mr Kasparov put his message out have been subjected to strict controls.
Then there is Mr Putin's popularity. Polls suggest that he enjoys a 70 per cent approval rating. That could be because so few Russians are allowed to hear any criticism of him but also because the economy, aided by high oil prices, is thriving.
Via London Telegraph:(excerpt) Beneath the careful orchestrations, however, the initial icy blast of a new Cold War may be blowing. Much has changed since Mr Bush lauded his Russian counterpart as "straightforward and trustworthy" in 2001. As Dick Cheney, Mr Bush's vice president, said last month, Russia is "unfairly and improperly restricting the rights of her people".

*UPDATE* Via Putin cracks the whip for summit
The Russian authorities have been instructed to banish the poor - and the rain - from St Petersburg ahead of this weekend's G8 summit.

Should the horizon darken, the Russian air force will be on stand by to "seed the clouds", pumping ions into the air that supposedly will ensure the rain falls anywhere but on the Konstantinovsky Palace, where leaders of the Group of Eight industrialised nations will stay.

Security forces in President Vladimir Putin's home city have resorted to the type of repression that has given fuel to critics who argue that Russia does not deserve to belong to a club that supposedly espouses democratic values.

Terrified that opposition activists could use the summit to air grievances, police and the Federal Security Service, the spy agency that replaced the KGB, have allegedly resorted to heavy-handed tactics to persuade potential demonstrators to leave the city.

Last week, they came for Andrei Dmitryev, the local leader of the radical National Bolshevik Party, with instructions to leave the city and a demand that he sign a form promising that his followers would not protest in public.
When he refused to sign, he said, the officers threatened him with rape. "Two big men entered the room and when I again refused to sign the paper they forced me onto the table and started to take down my trousers," he said. "I signed the paper." He was put on a train to Moscow but has since sneaked back to St Petersburg. [read more]

More on Putin and Russia:
Russia has the world's largest energy reserves and the soaring price of oil is strengthening its dominant position in this critical sphere still further. Europe gets a third of its gas from Russia, and that proportion will rise over the coming years. In other words, Europe is growing increasingly dependent on Russia for its very survival and prodding the bear seems a foolhardy course.
Yet it is hardly a comfortable position to be in, especially because the Kremlin seems so willing to use trade to secure its political ambitions. Former Soviet satellites who have flirted with the West have already felt Moscow's wrath. In January, Russia turned off gas supplies to Ukraine, in what was at least partly retribution for the country's 2004 Orange Revolution.

Via MSNBC: Putin takes swipe at Cheney over criticisms - Russian president calls VP's comments ‘an unsuccessful hunting shot’ [read more]
Via Reuters: Bush DEFENDS Israel actions, Russia Condemns attacks
Via jpost: Bush blasts Hizbullah attacks
France condemns IDF operations; Russia: Respect Lebanese sovereignty.

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