Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fish with Human like Teeth Wow

Texas Man catches this weird looking 20 pound fish. Reflecting back on my many years of fishing around the world, I've seen some unique and strange looking fish, but never one like this.
Via Local6
A fish caught in Lubbock, Texas, with teeth that look like they belong to a human has baffled wildlife officials in the area, according to a report.
Fisherman Scott Curry reeled in the 20-pound fish on Buffalo Springs Lake and immediately noticed the catch had human-like teeth.
A game warden photographed the fish and is attempting to identify it.
General Manager of Buffalo Springs Lake Greg Thornton told KLBK13-TV in Texas that he has never seen anything like the fish in the 36 years he has lived near the lake.
A search for what the fish may be suggested that it may be a pacu, which is found in South America.
Curry said he believes he saw another similar fish while on the lake.
A Texas television station reported that lake officials will give $100 to anyone catching a similar fish.

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