Thursday, July 27, 2006

CNN Interviewing about The End Days

Joel Rosenberg (also on sidebar) was interviewed Wednesday by CNN. Transcript at Joel's site of "Apocalypse Now?" . Be sure to visit and read his post.

Media Matters posted CNN or CBN? Phillips asks apocalypse authors: "[A]re we living in the last days?"
Summary: With Kyra Phillips's discussion of the Apocalypse and the Middle East conflict with Christian authors Jerry Jenkins and Joel C. Rosenberg -- who share the view that the Rapture is nigh -- CNN has, for the second time in three days, featured a segment on the potential coming of the Apocalypse, as indicated by current conflicts in the Middle East.
Yesterday The Dumb Ox linked to me with Dumb Ox News: Miracle Psalm Omen? Be sure to read his post!! Very interesting....
An Excerpt from Joel Rosenberg site from CNN interview:
KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN: So dig this. A man was bulldozing a bog in central Ireland the other day when he noticed something unusual in the freshly turned soil. It turns out he'd unearthed an early medieval treasure, an ancient Book of Psalms that experts date to the years 800 to 1000. Experts say it will take years to document and preserve this book, but eventually it will go on public display. Now here's the kicker: the book -- about 20 pages of Latin script -- was allegedly found opened to Psalm 83. Now, if you're a scholar, as you know [in] Psalm 83 God hears complaints that other nations plotting to wipe out the name of Israel.
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Hot Air Actually, it was opened to Psalm 83, it’s just that the psalms were numbered differently 1200 years ago: