Saturday, July 08, 2006

Assorted Headlines Open Track

Due to me fizzling out near the end of this week, on this open track post I will try to catch up with few events that happened this week. If time permits, I would appreciate you reading a post I wrote Friday that consisted of my past and present research on the Connections between the Axis of Evil.

In Chicago, yesterday President Bush sounded determined to rally world support for confronting N.Korea that would be "loud and clear." While appearing at a rare out-of-town news conference, Pres. Bush expressed the importance of bringing this issue of N.Korea testing missiles to the U.N. Security Council and spoke on other issues including Chicago's vibrant economy, the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq. More on this story at Breitbart. Good news was also mentioned during the conference, Bush praised the economy, following a government report showing unemployment holding steady at 4.6 percent in June. Bush said, "Productivity is high, people are better off, people are working."

Oh, and Cindy Sheehan truly when off the edge this week in Washington, D.C. Wonder how the hunger strike is going....I bet she snuck in a hotdog during the 4th. The last week of June, I wrote a piece on her and stated I am out of disgusting words to describe her. Her latest hate speech involved attacking our soldiers. She has gone way too far this time. I still think she may be converting to Islam, if only she would move to one of those countries along with the Dixie Chicks. Blue Star Chonicles has more on Cindy Shenanigans.

Oh yeah, what is up with the MSM and "mums the the word" on Senator Joe Biden's (D) from Delaware's racial remark? Finally, since we are not living in the dark ages anymore and we do not have to count on bias liberal network news for reporting, Biden has come out with a statement with a little force behind it, after some criticism.

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