Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Year of Me being a Blogger

Wow, it has been a year for me blogging and I did not realize that until this morning when looking at the calendar and it being my sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday Sis) that it was the end of June 05. Now I am at 725 posts and over 43,000 hits, I can’t believe it.

The tides sure have changed for me since signing up for the first time with blogger. At first, I wasn’t sure what direction to take, to begin with I first heard how the bloggers made a huge difference in the presidential election and I was curious on how to get started in this world of opinions. An article that was printed in Time or Newsweek, can’t remember now, about bloggers and their large impact and it went to explain free blogging sites and blogs to check out, that the magazine had pointed out for being some of the best; that is what got me started.

Well, I feel that the path I am on now hopefully will help in getting the word out on how important it is to have local, state and government officials in office that love our country, uphold the laws, and have morals, family values and national security as their top priority. We are at war and supporting our military should be the utmost important issue that Americans must all unite on. If only one lost person or uninformed voter sees the importance of why we blog for a safer America, all this will be worth it. Many days, I do not feel like doing this, but then breaking news happens and/or the liberals including the (stop the - ACLU ) does something so outlandish that it needs to be exposed. With having an average of up to 300 views of my blog a day, hopefully, at least one person gets it and they will stand up, vote and speak out from the outrage from the lefties that want to change this country for the worse.

Thank you friends, fellow bloggers, and readers for the encouragement you give me to keep going. (smiling)