Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sheehan Follows President Bush to Vienna

I am out of disgusting words to describe this moonbat Cindy Sheehan. Literally, this woman needs psychiatric care or needs to be facilitated immediately. She is in the streets right now in Vienna, Austria protesting downtown in a rally against our President's visit for the EU-US Summit. The demom-strators are beating drums, waving black flags, blowing whistles and SHOUTING...."Hey ho, Bush has got to go" and other signs/banners say "World's #1 Terrorist" along with "Islam is not the enemy" Huh? Time for the straight-jackets!!!

In the past, I have wasted my time reporting on her and here I go again.....This woman is pathetic. Take advice from your Family Cindy and SHUT-UP!!! You know the old saying your 15 minutes of fame, well her 15 seconds of shame is up. This as I have said before it is not about her brave son Casey any longer, it is about CINDY and her desire for media attention. She is such an embarrassment to our nation as well as her own family and to former supporters of hers. Past supporters are dwindling and have been for some time. The AP is reporting on her!

Just last week, Sunday the 18th, she was supporting U.S. deserters in Canada. They basically told her to go home. Will someone tell her she has the wrong terrorist on her poster. She is the one that said that the insurgents were "Freedom Fighters." Perhaps she needs to read the latest news what REAL TERRORISTS do to people and most importantly our brave soldiers that was discovered yesterday. Since she hangs out with Islamic terrorists, dictators, and anti-Americans, maybe she has converted to Islam, because she is definitely radical.
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