Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Presidential Wannabe in John's Words

Tell it like it is John Gibson, I love you Dude!! (smiling)
Monday, February 13, 2006 By John Gibson

It must just kill Al Gore that he's not president.

It must be a terrible burning tumor in his gut that eats at him every single day of his life. I say that must be true because there really is no other explanation for what he is doing.

Here we've got a major Muslim controversy sweeping the planet over some sophomoric cartoons that depict a bearded guy named Muhammad. We've got Muslims burning and killing and threatening all over the world, and Al Gore picks this time to travel to Saudi Arabia and tell what sounds very much like the abominable snowman of lies about his very own country.

He said after 9/11 Arabs were indiscriminately rounded up and held in unforgivable conditions.

Hmmm. Rounded up, yes, but indiscriminately? Don't think so. They were visa overstayers or people with phony or out-of-date green cards, but not indiscriminately.

These statements indicate every so often Al Gore just can't help playing president, but even pretend presidents have to face tough questions.

Does President Gore think Saudi Arabia lets Americans stay there without their paperwork in order?

Unforgivable conditions? What does that mean? Is he suggesting that the Arabs who were picked up for immigration violations were held in Gitmo or Abu Ghraib?

President Gore doesn't really think that because he knows it's not true. But that's what he suggested to his Arab audience, an audience made up of Arabs who don't know it's not true.

President Gore then goes on to argue that the United States and Saudi Arabia should have more Saudi students coming here, not fewer. Hands Across the Seas and all that.

In theory, that would be nice. But evidently President Gore doesn't read the papers. It sounds like he doesn't know that many of the hijackers who attacked us on 9/11 were Saudi.

President Gore doesn't appear to know that many of the foreign jihadis fighting Americans in Iraq are Saudi.

And President Gore doesn't appear to realize that Usama bin Laden himself is Saudi.

All of which indicates President Gore seems to be unaware all that explains why we don't let so many Saudis into the country anymore.

President Gore needs a reality check. As much as he thinks he ought to have been President 43, and as unfair as he thinks the counting was which denied him the office he thought was his from birth, the fact is he just isn't President Gore.

He's just a presidential wannabe. Never was and never will be. And it's killing him. And it's why every so often he says these crazy things.

Pity Al Gore. It's the fever that won't pass.

That's My Word. Source: Fox News-The Big Story

I feel John pretty much covered it all, did he leave anything out?? (LOL)

P.S. The O'Reilly Factor Chimes in with Bill's Talking Points: This Could Be it for Al Gore
"So we called Mr. Gore's office"
"Well, Gore's office told us to stuff it. No backup would be provided for his anti-American comments."
"In fact, far-left bomb thrower Michael Moore made a big deal out of the Bush administration flying Saudis out of the USA after 9/11, giving them preferential treatment. Remember that?"
"Now the left-wing press is trying to cover for Gore. The story was buried or ignored by many papers today. And I think Al Gore's comments are all so irresponsible and harmful to the country, he makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington."
You can read it for yourself by clicking here: This Could Be IT for Al Gore
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