Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Four Things About Me

I was double tagged for listing things about me. Not sure why because I am not that interesting these days but here we go. (smiling) After Little Miss Chatterbox and Chas at Chas Complilations posted theirs...mine is below. Thanks friends....(laughing)

4 Things About Me

4 Jobs I've had:
1) Modeling Jobs
2) TV production companies: Owner/partner Sales
3) Marketing Director: Sales-Media, Print, Billboards
4) Italian Wholesale Importer: Owner/partner

Movies I can watch over & over: (This list could be long :-))
1) Overboard
2) Thomas Crown Affair
3) Tombstone
4) Clear and Present Danger (Harrison Ford)

4 Places I've liked (in the U.S.):
1) Florida
2) Louisiana
3) Manhattan
4) Philly

4 (favorite)Places I've vacationed:
1) Costa Rica
2) Portugal and Spain
3) Italy
4) U.S. and British Virgin Islands

4 TV shows I love: (Besides all the Shows on Fox News)
1) O.C.
2) 24
3) C.S.I.
4) Andy Griffith & Rachael Ray (FN)

4 of my favorite dishes: (instead of main entrees)
1) Ceviche
2) Seafood Gumbo-southern style
3) Italian and Greek specialties
4) Italian Sausage boiled in Red Wine

4 Places I would rather be right now:
1) Billfishing for Blue Marlins in deep crystal clear blue water
2) Miami Metro Zoo
3) Visiting the Holy Lands
4) Yesterday when I wrote this: At the State of the Union Address

4 sites I visit daily
(sorry for not being able to list more): I have so many I enjoy reading
1) Chatterbox Chronicles aka LMC
2) Gateway Pundit
3) Born Again Redneck-Patrick
4) Danielle

I will not tag anyone, but if you wish to participate, I am definitely interested in all my readers and their favorites. I wanted to list many blogs and it was very difficult only listing 4.
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