Friday, February 10, 2006

Being Beyond Tolerant and Forgiving

There are many of you that have been reading my blog for a long time and a few recent newcomers, I appreciate all of you and want to state the truth here hopefully for the last time. Most all know that on a few occasions when I have voiced my right to my own opinion(s) it has resulted in me being attacked by far left extremists and/or ones that are obsessed with disagreeing with me. Just look at my comments to see what I mean. I have dealt with this off and on but looking back it started heavy during the Christmas holidays.

I looked back at my December archives and found multiple posts with comments but the one that sparked the most attacks was named Hot Issue-Christmas and Holidays . This was posted fairly early on - before the MSM mentioned or ignored it, one or the other, I am sure many of you know what I am talking about. The "War on Christmas"....

Also in December my post Assorted Babble Friday mentioning Michael Jackson’s guilt prompted a reaction and statement by “someone” posting on their blog the opposite, the title of their post was M.J., O.J. and Robert Blake are innocent on Dec. 2, 2005. Within this same month, I tried being civil again with my post- Freedom for Religion and People . I had to follow it with a response post to “someone” that is against the war, etc. It is in the comments of my post Feelings and Response War in Iraq " Yes Saddam had other WMDs before but he also claimed to have disposed them, some of it witnessed by UN officials." unquote by "someone".

So I was the focus of several blogs during December linking and/or mentioning me both in their posts and comments (Dec 2 and Dec 16th both planned for a Friday that remained until Monday) Then by golly, I posted my feelings about OUR PRESIDENT and his speech. Bush-We are Winning Boy did I get a slashing!! Me being forgiving, I still allowed ones to comment with them trying to provoke a debate with their liberal views. I tried my best to tolerate it without causing problems and my blog was being used as a voice for their negative. I continued to smile and hoped that things would get better.

OH January, hold on to your seat!
January Archives
Mrs. Martha Ann Alito Cries and Leaves
This really infuriated the far-left extremists and Trolls. I had several spew out posts unflattering by the way about me. I was even focused on TWICE in one day with TWO POSTS on “someone’s blog” on January 13th (again on a Friday to remain until Monday) The post included my link along with 3 other attackers at the bottom of the post. All this was intentional to create more problems for me in reference to their posts but also for the Trolls to continue to attack me. He feels he is the Wizard of Words and can twist his behavior on his own blog to reflect a Saint. Then by this same person I get another post on their blog on a Friday (January 20th) This post would be way too long if I took all the other attacker’s blogs and listed their dates and links, so you can figure out who posted what when if you are interested by reading the comments.

I am exhausted, but yes it is now February and it is only the 10th Wow we are not even at the halfway mark yet.
February Archives
It seems Cindy Sheehan put ones over the edge this month. I received several posts in regards to this that were not so nice. However, “someone” published comments from my blog on Feb. 2. 2006 and then again directly to me with a link on Feb 6, 2006.

It is important to me finally to state how I feel hopefully for the last time. Way before November and up until now, I have been nice, lost my temper a few times, and tolerated this inexcusable behavior without linking and exposing by name this “someone” and others. I only indicated if ones were interested to press the link to BLOGS THAT LINK HERE on my blog. I have sent a few emails that were kind and ask please to stop or not to publish posts about me. I even went as far as forgiving these people for what they have done to me and I stated on my blog my forgiveness if this “someone” wanted to return to my blog after he had emailed me several times showing kindness (not sure the motive now) and in his own way apologizing. I returned an email that said this.

"Thanks “SOMEONE”, (I removed his name) If you wish to comment on my blog that is okay with me, I just can't handle debates or indepth questions... these days. (just civil opinions) I haven't felt good going on about 2 weeks now......been in bed most of the time and not visiting like I use to. Hope all is okay with us. Lately I have been lucky just to keep up with posting. Wishing you and your family the best, Suzie."

I truly believed that they would refrain from posting about me. WRONG!! This week I am still being focused upon in a bad light in their posts and comments and the story does not end there on their part. I had no choice at the beginning of this week to report them to and thanks to so many of you for giving me the info needed for enforcing a law upon ones that harass you, that passed not long ago. It does not matter if they like it a not, I will continue to post my opinions on my blog and on my friends that have given me permission to do so. (btw they have) I am saying to the ones that love bashing others, this is my final warning, I have all the proof, evidence, reports, etc. needed for pressing charges according to the law. Some that disagree with me on this particular problem does not know all the details or both sides. If I were you, I would not push me anymore because now you have me voicing out after all these months of taking it and forgiving you. I feel this “someone” is fortunate, because I could have posted things that they truly did not want me to reveal.

The other day was the first time I felt something needed to be said when Rebecca was attacked, and btw it was three people I referred to in that post. I challenge anyone to find one of my posts on my blog where I attacked one of these bloggers since this started with naming them and/or with a link directly to their site. This is a message to that "Someone" - more attacking me, I will take legal action.
P.S. Calling me Un-Christian like, I think they should all look in the mirror and reflect on what they have done to me for months now. Each one of these people have linked me and wrote posts repeatedly about me saying ugly comments.

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I thought I had some attackers but mine are more like whiners compared to this:
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I would suggest going first to Blogs for Fox either way I stated the warning. P.S. I think anyone looking for a debate and they are a flaming lib that should go to this site.

Monday will be a new day and new chapter for this blog. (Rules will be stated soon) You can abide or move on!! I will start back Rockin and Rolling less tolerant or forgiving for ones that are trouble-makers, it is disappointing to say BUT honey doesn't get it anymore. I have learned a lesson about blogging and what I plan to put up with from now on. Very little Crap!! Hope all others are having a great weekend b/c I am and smiling too.
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