Monday, January 30, 2006

Tech Support: I want to SCREAM

Have you ever been on the phone for 3+ hours with tech support?

First off, I rarely use the phone and if I do, it is short conversations. This past week I have spent half days on the phone with DSL, Microsoft, and Dell Computers. After a few minutes ago hanging up, I am totally exhausted. I know to always ask for supervisors or managers and I am extremely friendly but give me a break. (I usually have the patience of a saint, but perhaps with age not sure really but sometimes my nerves get on edge these days.) Not only do you go through a series of options to select from but once you do get a voice speaking real person they put you on hold, transfer or refer you to another 800 number department. Out of the 4 people that I spoke with this morning, one did not speak English, if he did I guarantee you that not one of you could understand it. The conversation went WHAT, Pardon Me, what was that again, please repeat that number, yes or no, and ON AND ON!! To finally I said just give me your badge # , I then followed with I will hold as long as it takes to speak with your supervisor. I know I am ranting but I am angry.
Why do companies transfer you to another country to speak with heavily accented people that hate Americans?
By the attitude of this man he was so rude and made comment to me being from America. If I had not been on the phone for so long, I would have hung up like I did with Microsoft with this woman speaking the same way.
Ok the good news, all is finally worked out and the part and a technician will come to my home at no charge with an upgrade to the part needed. Now I feel better…but still worn out from pacing the floor with the phone in my ear, not sure how people do that all day at work. Thanks for listening!! (smiling)
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