Saturday, August 11, 2007

Two FL Broward Co. Deputies Shot in One Week

In BSO's history, this week could very well be remembered as the most devastating. Broward County, Florida Sheriff's office has had two officers shot within a seven day period. As if it is open season on our brave officers down here, it is awful how these killers do not even think about opening fire on our law enforcement.

One deputy, Maury Hernandez is presently on life support from routinely stopping a thug on a motorcycle on I-95. The suspect shot him in the head with a near fatal gunshot, Hernandez is still in very critical condition. A touch and go very serious situation.
Our whole county is on the look-out for the thug-killers that took the life of an 18-yr veteran deputy, Sgt. Chris Reyka, 51, who was assassinated behind Walgreens in Pompano Beach, early Friday a.m. Reyka was doing his job, patrolling and ran a suspicious tag number (FL F16-8UJ), as he got out of his vehicle with his flashlight, gun still in his holster and wearing his bullet proof vest, Sgt Reyka was shot at over 10 times within close range. It is believed to be two black suspects, with possibly the passenger being the shooter.

Since yesterday the reward has risen from initially being $15,000 to now it is $105,000 and this massive manhunt is now nationwide. The killer's old white 1990's Crown Victoria type of vehicle with dark tinted windows was captured on nearby Isle of Capri's outside camera. Our sheriff, Ken Jenne said during one of many news conferences yesterday, that with all the law enforcement agencies involved, they plan to stop all vehicles matching this description and cover every inch of each grid in the county.

Late Friday afternoon, a high speed chase ended on I-95 from another thug that sped away from police, in a similar looking vehicle, with an excuse of outstanding warrants being the reason for fleeing. This criminal is behind bars, but is cleared as one of the suspects in the killing. Also, a greyhound bus was searched across the state and the questioned suspects were released later after being cleared.

At this time, every law enforcement agency, as the sheriff said yesterday, starting with A-Z in the alphabet are included in assisting in finding these killers.

It seems to me, these days, the times are more dangerous than ever before. It makes you wonder why someone would just instantly decide to shoot you dead without a second thought. Apparently, it has gotten so bad down here, that these criminals do not hesitate to kill our brave and courageous police officers. A sad day.

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A Little Personal Summary with Updates

Hi Friends,

I really do not know what to say, except for THANK YOU so very much for caring, praying and being so supportive of me while I have been away. All of your prayers and thoughts must have worked, because I am doing so much better.

A big apology for not checking in on this blog or my email set-up for this account, all but a couple times, since Jan. 2007. My health issues still exists, but overall, I feel fairly well and miss being in this world of ones I consider friends and us exchanging thoughtful comments and getting the word out on what is important in this world.

Just logging in, I found there has been many changes made with Blogger and not sure, if I know how to catch up with the new features i.e. ad sense, new layouts, upgrades, etc. Any help that anyone wishes to contribute, would be more than appreciated. If I play around with it, I sure do not want to lose my contents that already exist.

Hoping this fines all of you doing great and your families doing well. Feel welcome to give me any updates on your life, blog, family, and/or any other news you wish to share. I would love hearing from you. May God Bless you all, and thank you again for all your sweet, thoughtful and wonderful messages, you guys left me. Wishing you all the very best!!!

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